Monday, June 22, 2015


I might be the worst blogger ever...hoping to put some stash dash photos up this week and maybe add all my latest WIPs and FOs both here and on Rav. But none of that is happening tonight so I'll just say I'm thinking of you all and put up a pretty sunset picture from last night.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Stash Dash Update #1/2

I was going to do a Stash Dash update last Friday but I didn't (i crashed as soon as I got home from work and vegged for a few hours before knitting a couple rows and calling it a night).
So figured I would combine last week's update with this week's update-however, since I haven't actually finished anything this week, the photos from last week will still be good. Also, I know my current meterage is definitely off-pace. There is a possible finish in my weekend which should help me get a lot closer to being on track...
So what hugely epic finishes do I have so far for Stash Dash? Sadly no crazy WIPs got finished...or anything all that big-but hey, every little bit counts and I completely finished two partial skeins of Sugar and Cream that had been languishing for a bit of time.

Two baby burp clothes for a community baby shower (this week! hopefully I can get one more done in time). The one on the left completely used up two old skeins of Sugar and Cream (80.74 meters) and the one on the right had just a little bit leftover (71.59 meters). There's a good possibility I'll be making a bit of a monster burp cloth :)

Two more barn raising quilt squares! The one on the left is out of Stroll Multi which has sadly been discontinued (in the Aloha color way for 54.92 meters). The one on the right might look a little familiar as the yarn is the Cascade Heritage in the Londonberry color way that I used for my Mom's Christmas socks (59.93 meters).

So that puts me at 267.18 meters! Which makes me .05% of the way to 5000 meters. Fun fact, 267.18 meters is .16 miles for non-metric people (aka me). In full honesty, whatever I can move along makes me happy. Definitely looking forward to finishing some WIPs up and digging out some deep stash to love on.
Talking about deep stash, this is my first Rose City Roller (which has now been finished and I am ready to pick up gusset stitches for number 2!). The yarn is an old skein of Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock that only has 215 yards per skein. So this project is perfect for the skein and I love it so much. There are so many fun projects on Instagram (looking up #rosecityrollerkal will make you so happy).