Saturday, December 17, 2016

It's Official!!!

I have finally beaten last year's yardage and weight goals (in terms of finished objects for this year)!! And I still have two weeks left and hopefully another finish or two in me so yay!! I have less than 100 grams to go till I reach 5 pounds in FOs so maybe???
We won't even talk about how off my yarn diet I am...
Instead-I'll just post a picture of the Point Bonita Lighthouse I visited with my mom and sister when I went home over Thanksgiving.
It does look like Blogger finally grabbed a bunch of photos from my phone (yay!) so I might have an end of year show-off of FOs and WIPs (we'll see).
Hope you're having a lovely Saturday!

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Now for Some Knitting

I am just a touch obsessed with these adorable Christmas Ornaments by Adriana Bon (nanoadri on Instagram). The pattern is Nanosock Christmas Ornament and is a free Ravelry pattern! This one pictured is done out of Oink Pigments Oink Sock in Goldfish Bowl-each one takes 3-4 grams of sock yarn and is so much fun. I would highly encourage you to check this pattern out for a fun, quick knit!

In other news, I'm getting ready to cast-on some Christmas socks for my Mom and then have mittens to finish for my sister and a scarf for a friend. I'd like to clear some of the other needles off because I bought a lot of yarn this year and need to do some serious work on it. I'm not putting myself on a yarn diet for next year (seeing as how this year's failed miserably), but I definitely do want to work on lessening the stash. And I'll be tracking 2017 like I tracked 2016 and hopefully keeping input/output a little closer. In good news, I've done more yards this year than last year (still need to catch up a little weight-wise)!

I'm off to drink some tea (the advent calendar from David's Tea is amazing!) and maybe wind the yarn for Mom's socks. Happy Sunday and knitting!