Friday, January 27, 2017

An FO on a Friday?!

Yes, I do actually have a finished object for Friday (shocking, I know). Remember those two skeins of gorgeous DVD yarn I showed in my last post? of them is now a pair of socks!
DVD Viso in the Berlin Cathedral Color way

Batkitty supervising knitting progress
Here's hoping you've all gotten some good knitting in this week! Have a happy weekend!

Saturday, January 14, 2017


As in "oi, with the poodles already". Two of my big knitting goals this year were to knit two rows on one of my blankets each day and to get my WIP pile down from 19.
I managed the two row thing for a whole week before getting distracted...and I've cast-on 3 projects since the new year (2 of which have already been cast-off, yes...but still!).

The Boardwalk hat was one of those-I love it so much! Gifted to a coworker but I think I may end up needing one! The pattern was so well written.
I'm sitting at 20 WIPs...and will probably stay there for quite a bit as I'm attempting the #thirdannualdvdmonthlysockclub hosted by Susan of Desert Vista Dyeworks. My yarn came Thursday and I wound up a skein and cast-on last night.
Instagram photo

I decided to go with the bottom one (Berlin Cathedral)'s so bright and happy and I can't wait to wear these socks! Here's hoping I can finish them before the end of the month!

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Current State of Knitting Affairs

In other words...what am I starting 2017 off with on my needles...
19 projects!!!

All the WIPs (minus the washcloth)
I know there's only 18 listed on the side...that's because I found a washcloth as I was pulling everything out and since it's basic garter stitch that I have no idea when I started, I'm just not gonna add it.
The other 18 projects however, are listed on the side of my blog under WIPs. That's right, y'all 18 projects were started in 2016 or earlier that have yet to be completed. Now...I know I probably won't finish all of them this year (I'd have to do more than one a month and considering 5 of them are blankets that seems unlikely...), but I would like to get that number down to maybe a nice, manageable 12? Which more casting on new things until something gets finished! And the list for things I want to cast-on (Girl from the Grocery Store, Tool Box Cowl, some hats, some gloves, more socks...) is definitely growing so hopefully that will be some good motivation.
The caveat (because of course I have one) is that as soon as my DVD (Desert Vista Dyeworks) yarn comes I am casting on because I want to try and complete her challenge (a pair of socks every month from her yarn).

Sunday, January 1, 2017


Good News:
I knit more yarn in 2016 than I did in 2015 (both in terms of weight and yardage...YAY!!!)

Not so Good News:
The amount of yarn I bought this year was wayyyyyy above the amount I knit.

Current Thoughts:
I bought a lot of really nice yarn this year and I don't regret any of my purchases. I truly have been accumulating a beautiful stash that I want to knit.
I'm never going to say that I'm not buying yarn because that's not realistic (and I joined a yarn club! and I got into SSK!), but I really would like to spend some serious time this year with the beautiful skeins of yarn I have. So I think my goal for this year is to use the beautiful yarn I have and maybe buy a little less than I did last year (no guarantees though!).

Here's to another year of knitting, swimming, kitty cuddles and adventures both far and wide (and maybe even a bit more blogging). Happy New Year!
Someone is supervising my work on my stripe study shawl which is almost done!