Tuesday, September 30, 2014


…it just so happens that I can set an arbitrary deadline to finish a project and actually accomplish it! A new FO this Friday…but probably a more boring WIP Wednesday because of that. See you tomorrow with some project updates!
And of course, a picture of Hailey the other night cuddling my mom. Poor baby girl gets so worn out walking 5+ miles a day…all she wants to do in the evenings is cuddle up and sleep!

Friday, September 26, 2014

More for Me!!

So excited!!! Absolutely love the Ginny Cardigan and the Mudblood Cardigan. Can't wait to get some sweater knitting done…but gotta get some Christmas knits in first!!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Things that found their way home to ME!

Forgive me friends for I have sinned. I bought yarn last week that came earlier this week that is so pretty and yummy that I think I'm gonna let myself be tempted again and purchase more yarn from tomorrow's update!
Ashiepoo22 (aka Ashley) of Nomadic Yarns is a major enabler. I follow her on Instagram where she posts lots of adorable pictures and also lots of yarn yumminess. Well, I've been logging in and out of her Etsy store for the past couple of weeks looking enviously at Flicker (on the left). Last Friday, she had a shop update and posted on IG as well because she had ready to ship skeins of Halloween colors. Well, I've been really tempted to knit Halloween socks since I've been seeing lots of pictures EVERYWHERE! of beautiful Halloween socks. So I went and checked out the update and kinda fell in love with Tricks and Treats (on the right). I firmly believe that if I am going to fall off, I might as well go diving head first so I bought both skeins. And then she posted pictures this week of items that will be included in tomorrow's shop update and I've fallen head over heels for one skein-so yes, I will almost definitely be buying more yarn when I am supposed to be on a yarn diet.

Definitely not as pretty but still very exciting are these blocking boards and T-pins from Michael's. My blocker (aka bestie who also knits) moved to a town about 30-40 minutes away (on a good day) so unfortunately I can no longer use and abuse her as my own personal blocker. I've been looking for blocking things for awhile even before she moved, but I guess I just happened to get lucky the other day as these were the only four blocking boards at Michael's. I'm crossing my fingers for them-although I actually have to finish something that needs blocking to make a decision. As well, I am contemplating getting sock blockers-anyone have a set they absolutely love? Or absolutely loathe? I would really love to hear from y'all before purchasing. :)

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

I'm a Laura

This week's knitting has been fueled by catching shows on Hulu before they expire, the Knit Girllls and random episodes of random shows on Netflix. Thank you Internets :)

EKP Baby Blanket

Gets bigger and bigger every week-I work on it a lot for my reality tv stuff (love me some Biggest Loser, ANTM and DWTS). I will theoretically finish this before the baby is due…

Vanilla Latte Stripes
This is ready for a toe! Hip-hip-hooray!!

Socks on a Plane
Sock number 1 is done and I've already made it past the toe of sock number 2!

So-are you a Laura or a Leslie? Linking up with Ginny and Tami. Happy Knitting!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Behind the Times

I recently started watching The Knit Girllls-I know, there must be something seriously wrong with me. I wish I had known about them sooner because they are an absolute hoot and holler. I've started watching from the first episode and though I'm only into the 20s, I am thoroughly enjoy them. They're also making me a little project-wanty and they may lead to some serious yarn enabling. If you've never seen them, I would highly recommend them. If you have seen them, please no spoilers!
I've also watched a few episodes of the Fiberista Files and am almost caught up on Knitting in Circles. Watching podcasts has definitely spurned my knitting mojo back into place…and it's made me want to knit a whole host of projects! And it makes me wish I was a spinner…maybe in another life.
Happy Friday!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

How a Bunny Hops Pt. 2

Lots and lots of WIPs this week; in fact, 6 of my 8 WIPs were worked on. I blame the Soak Photo Challenge because I was pulling things out of hiding to photograph and then I felt guilty putting them back without giving them any love. So in no particular order…the WIP list!

Oh So Sparkly
Every week I say it doesn't look like much has happened (mainly because it feels like much hasn't happened) but the second yarn skein is down to 34 grams (I added it in about 2 weeks ago and it was a 50 gram skein). So obviously something is happening…I just don't exactly know what.

EKP Baby Blanket
This has seen a lot of action! That is, in fact, a turned corner you see. Which means I'm doing decreases! Oh heck to the yes! There is strong hope this may be finished before the baby comes

Vanilla Latte Stripes
Just making my way through the foot. I enjoy this sock quite a bit-it's nice travel knitting because there is absolutely no cellphone counting required and I know the pattern pretty well so I can just kinda mindlessly go.

Block and Tackle Blanket
It's been ages since this has seen the light of day but I pulled it out for a Soak photo and remembered how much I liked it. I think this may actually become a lap(ish) blanket for me. it won't be finished anytime soon but that's totally okay by me.

Business Casual
Lots going on with this sock. I moved it from DPNs to 1 circular for magic looping and I am a lot happier. I even made it through one whole pattern repeat. I think the whole DPN was really holding me back-I used to love them, but these days I would much rather magic loop. Also, I am lazy and I don't enjoy cabling on every row. It's not difficult cabling and it's really well-written so not at all confusing-I just don't enjoy the actual process. I do however, really like how it looks.

Finally, I have a new WIP!! This is Christmas knitting (my list is staring me down and I am a bit intimidated).
Socks on a Plane
This is one of those few trifecta projects-the pattern loves the yarn, the yarn loves the needles and the needles love the pattern. This is knitting up so fast-I'm already up to gusset increases and I only started last Friday. These are my first ever toe-up socks and I'm not gonna lie-i may be a convert. I don't love casting-on for the toe, but after that, I am sold!

I know I'm a little late but still linking up with Ginny. What's on your needles?

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Another Confession...

I bought yarn. Three skeins of beautiful sock yarn by Sweet Georgia, to be exact. They will probably go to me, me and me (well, 1 skein might be used for a gift...maybe, if I'm feeling extra generous). So I added another piece to my little yarn diet indicator. I'm not giving up on the diet-just going to try to stay strong and really resist buying more yarn until I finish some more up. I'm also trying to keep track of my WIPs and keep the numbers low. Temptation is real though and I love supporting local business and adopting beautiful, lovely skeins of yarn to bring them into a highly loving home.

Friday, September 12, 2014

F to the O Friday!

It's a rarity, but for once I have two FOs and neither one of them is a baby hat or a hexipuff! I am definitely floating high…and I got to cross more things off the WIP list and add them to the FO list; two activities that make me extremely happy! Without further ado…

Rainbow Latte Stripes
This is quite possibly the last time you are going to see these guys. Mom is head over heels for them and can't wait for it to get a little colder so that she can wear them. I have a little leftover yarn (each sock was made with its own skein) so I can probably get some cute baby socks and puffs out of them. I really enjoyed these socks and am looking forward to being off my yarn diet so I can buy more yarn to make them for myself :)

Alligator Baby Socks
Grabbed the book from the library and was able to finish sock number 2 in only a few hours. I really love these socks and they are actually staying with me for the time being. I have a small collection (1 outfit, 1 sweater and now 1 pair of socks) that I keep for extremely special babies. Most of the time I knit baby stuff with an end-goal in mine (either a specific person or charity), but these items I joust had to have and will eventually find the right person.

How are your projects coming along? Anyone else rocking the FOs? Happy Friday and cheers to the weekend!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The One Where It Seems Like I Haven't Done Much...

…but that's only because there are two (!) FOs you don't get to see till Friday :)

EKP Baby Blanket
Still chugging along on this. It is up to 26 stripes and at the point in time where I can no longer stretch it out on the needles. I'm hoping to do a lot of work on this in the coming week so that maybe I can start to concretely think about decreases instead of just dreaming of them.

Oh So Sparkly
Another project I can't fully spread out on the needles. I am currently enjoying working on this and am very excited for the finished project. I still have a bit of a ways to go, but it is great podcast knitting.

Those are my only two WIPs this week! I will have FOs on Friday though so check back in!
Linking up with Ginny and Tami. Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


I have an FO for Friday, I have an FO for Friday, I have an FO for Friday!!! Ooh, I'm so excited!! This means I can cast-on something new right now if I feel like it (which would be fitting as today's prompt from the Soak Photo Challenge is cast-on…) but I also get to cast-on a sweater on Monday!!! I'm so stoked!!! Few things feel better than weaving in ends-that too me always signals that a project is truly finished.

Thought I would leave y'all with a few pictures of a pretty sunset from the other night. I would absolutely love to have these colors dyed up in a skein of sock yarn. Any dyers out there feeling up to the challenge?

Monday, September 8, 2014

Ca-licking, Clacking!

My needles are go, go, going! Love some good knitting mojo…fingers crossed for some big FOs this Friday!
I did pause to take a photo for the Soak Photo Challenge (yes, I've been keeping up so far!). The prompt was favorite yarn…I of course couldn't pick a brand/dyer/etc but I went with my favorite type of yarn instead…which just so happens to be sock yarn! This is just a bit of my sock yarn. A good deal of it is in storage, in use, in messy wound-up balls or buried away in the closet. However, if you feel like I don't have enough sock yarn, please feel free to send more my way! Scraps are always welcome for heels and toes and my BeeKeeper's Quilt as well! Happy Knitting! 

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Soak Photo Challenge

For all my Instagram friends, Soak Wash is hosting an awesome photo challenge this month. I've really been enjoying posting as well as seeing how other knitters interpret the prompts. It also means I've been  blowing up my Instagram with even more knitting photos than normal. For anyone who feels like joining in, here's the list for the month.
Happy Knitting!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Puff Away

I know it doesn't look like much-but it has been over a month (possibly 2+) since I've made and/or posted puffs. So here's three!
Only about a billion more to go! Happy Friday y'all! What are you working on this weekend?

Thursday, September 4, 2014


First partial skein has been completed and man does it feel good! I have about a billion more skeins to go but that is totally and completely beside the point!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Everything Was New Once...

…However, these projects are all old, old, old! I'm feeling a burning desire to get something off the needles though before I cast-on anything else…and I did promise you would see the baby blanket every week until I completed it!

EKP Baby Blanket
Get ready for the shocker…5 whole stripes have been added since you last saw this! I just completed stripe #23. The current plan is to increase till stripe 30 and than start decreasing…however, I might add a couple extra stripes before I decrease. I'm just playing it by ear right now.

Rainbow Latte Stripes
Finished the gusset decreases for the second sock (they had been started last week) and have knitted on the body of the foot for both socks. Not too many more rounds before toe time; I'm so excited!!!

Vanilla Latte Stripes
Last but certainly not least are my Vanilla Latte Stripes; I love this pattern, I love this yarn and I totally love this lone, singular sock…which will probably stay a lone, singular sock once I finish it till I complete some Christmas presents. A little mandated SSS never hurt anyone too badly…I got some nice body of the foot work done this week; like the Rainbow Latte Stripes, not too much longer till toe decreases!

Sorry for nothing new and exciting, but I gotta do some clearing up before I can start anything new. I'd really love to have my WIP list down to 5/6 before I add to it again.

Linking up with Tami and Ginny today and every Wednesday. :)

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Waiting for Delivieries

Yesterday was my main squeeze's birthday…and hopefully today the rest of his present will arrive. They are currently "out for deliver" according to my package tracker. He did get barbecue sauce and fresh baked peppermint brownies yesterday so it was a good day. There's also just a little something for me in the package as well… :) Not yarn, but something that I'm quite excited about. Happy Tuesday everybody!
A fun sign from hiking in Tahoe a few weeks ago
Sadly, we did not see any cattle