Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Traveling Tuesday

Few things make me happier than this beautiful, beautiful carpet! So glad to be in one of my favorite cities (and states) today and tomorrow.

WIP post tomorrow (hopefully-travel permitting).
Also-you have till Friday to guess which WIP I most recently finished (as mentioned in the UFO Update post). There may be a prize for guessing right so go make your guess on the Update post!

Monday, May 26, 2014

UFO Update

When I started this blog I had 12 UFOs (including 2 that I was planning on just frogging).
As of today, I have officially crossed 6 UFOs off my list!! (This does include me saving one of the frogs from extinction…but I did, in fact, rip the other one out).
Now, I wish I could say I've been just a total rockstar and have worked only on my UFOs-but that'd be a complete and utter lie. I've done a pair of socks, a baby bib and a couple of charity hats as well. I've also added four more WIPs to the pile…guess I should probably finish a few more things before starting anything else!

So…any guesses as to the latest project I've finished? There might be a prize for guessing right...

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Sometimes, I'm Really Boring

Lots and lots of chores today…oh joy!
Got an email yesterday that my suits should be here Wednesday (which will be a nice welcome home treat after a quick two-day trip with my mom).
Tomorrow is packing and last minute errand running since we leave very early Tuesday morning.
Haven't had much time for knitting so hoping to get some done later tonight and tomorrow between running around and tomorrow's workout (will definitely have some knitting time on my trip!).
Hope your weekend has been wonderful!

Friday, May 23, 2014

First for Everything

Sheba is home, safe and sound and quite chatty following surgery. Checkup in two weeks to make sure she is healing properly.

Swam 5.1 miles today in just under 3 hours. Shockingly enough, I feel better than I did after last week's 4.15 mile swim. Still no swimsuits.

No FOs...I am super close but just couldn't manage to pull it off this week.

Happy Friday!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Thoughts for a Thursday Night

I have a sick kitty. I've actually had a sick kitty for the past couple of months, but hopefully tomorrow is her last surgery for awhile. I will fully admit that I am head over heels about this cat and have been more than a bit stressed about her situation for awhile. So here are some pictures of my Sheba (aka baby monkey-face).

Supervising knitting/Hulu time

All curled up for a nap

The very best thing under the Christmas tree

Getting her Vitamin D in (a true California girl)

Hamming it up for the camera
Although I call her a kitty, she's actually 12 years old and been with my family since she was one. She is one of the greatest cats around and I'm just ready for her to start hopefully feeling better.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Shawl-time! (WIP Wednesday)

Before I forget, I did in fact receive a shipment confirmation e-mail this morning which means hopefully I will have my suits sometime this week…YAY!!!

Now for knitting- both of this weeks WIPs have been seen before, but I think they have both grown since you've last seen them (one more so than the other).

First up: Falling Leaves
I now am feeling pretty comfortable with chart reading…and this bad boy is over 100 rows long so that's been a pretty big jump (when I had first picked it up after hiatus, I was only at 36 rows). Love this yarn, love this pattern, but occasionally I do get tired of constantly checking in with my phone to make sure I'm on target (tinking this is kind of a pain). I really want a shawl though so I decided to cast-on another one that wouldn't require quite so much paying attention (as well, we started a knit along in one of my Ravelry groups and we're all doing shawls so it was the perfect excuse to cast-on).

This spurned on the second WIP of the week: Oh So Sparkly
This yarn is super, super sparkly and the pattern is so easy…no counting, no chart reading…pretty perfect cut and simple knitting. I'm in love and can't wait to see this continue to grow and then eventually be able to wear it!

Linking up with Tami and Ginny. What are you all working on today?

Tuesday, May 20, 2014


So I wrote last week about ordering a suit for the bridge swim. I recieved confirmation that same day that my order had been placed and to look for an email in the next two days with the tracking number. It's been a week and still no email. I sent an email yesterday-no response. I called today and was told my order had shipped and I should have an email soon. Guess who still doesn't have an email?
I've ordered from this company before and have never had issues do it's almost extra frustrating that it's so slow now.

Monday, May 19, 2014


Debating…whether to keep a project or just Frog it!

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Six on Sunday

1. I love ice cream and sourdough bread.
2. Singing and dancing in my car is one of my favorite activities.
3. I love watching re-runs of Friends on Nic@Nite.
4. I am super allergic to blue cheese-which is totally fine by me as I think it tastes gross.
5. I've only traveled out of the US once, but I have a long list of places I'd like to go.
6. I am not the biggest wine fan, but absolutely adore most beers and ciders.

Happy Sunday! Hope your Monday is good!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Because I Finished Something...

…I just had to cast-on something new! I have serious start-itis sometimes…also, I bought yarn today, guys. When I go rogue, I go in deep…
I know I still have Falling Leaves on the needles, but I wanted something mindless and pretty. And boy, oh boy do the sparkles make this one pretty! Using the Terribly Simple pattern by Caitlin ffrench and Vanna's Glamour in the lapis color way. The pattern is insanely easy and the yarn is quite fun…not the softest, but just gorgeous with the sparkles. I am so excited for this shawl…hopefully that enthusiasm will help me to actually finish it in a somewhat timely manner!

Happy weekend knitting! 

Friday, May 16, 2014

FO Friday

Excuse the interruption to our normal programming but I swam 4.15 miles this morning!

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming...All the FOs this week are headed out to charity! I had put charity knitting on hold while I busted out the socks for myself and my mom so this week I jumped back into my charity knitting with a vengeance.

Going to Marine Corps Kids:

Musical Baby Bib
This was a fun, quick knit that had probably been languishing in my queue for over two years. I had a major thing for blanket squares at one point in time, but I'm pretty firmly decided I would never make an actual blanket out of them. Instead, I use the square idea, add i-cord to both top corners and call it a bib! This is a tad on the big side but I'm hoping it will last someone beyond their first year. I really like how the pooling worked out in this one.

Cotton Baby Hat
Just a simple, in the round, baby hat. Trying to use old stash yarn…plus summer is coming some hoping a cotton hat might be a bit cooler than wool or acrylic.

Going to the Elephant Tears Project:
Sweet Pea Baby Blanket
After I picked this one up the other day, I realized I really didn't have enough yarn to go through the pattern again, do the two garter stitch rows and cast off loosely. I was able to finish were I was (as per pattern directions), add my garter rows and cast-off (with a tad bit left). I am so excited this project will able to go and be a comfort instead of sit in my closet while I refuse to frog it. 

Micro-preemie Hats
These little hats are tiny! Micro-preemies can have very, very small heads and it can be upsetting to parents to have absolutely nothing in their baby's size. These hats do have a bit of stretch to them so they can fit a tad older babies, but I wanted to make sure I got a few of the extra small sizes in, too. Stitching all items for this charity with lots of extra love to these families and their precious babies.

On a completely separate note, I'm looking into shawl patterns. I'm thinking about using a sport or a fingering I have, but I'm just currently feeling uninspired by all the shawl patterns I'm pulling up on Ravelry. So please, please, please! Inspire me and let me know about your favorite shawl patterns! Help a girl out, yeah?!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy

Good training week so far! I've swam over a mile Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday this week! Hoping I can keep it up today and boost up to 2.5/3 miles tomorrow! Definitely feeling like I'm getting something accomplished…I'm a little sore, but nothing unbearable. Plus, it's the good kind of soreness where your body feels like it actually did some good. Further exciting news…I swam a mile in under 30 minutes yesterday! I was bobbing and weaving around people so I'm really happy with that time. 

Other happy news…remember the Sweet Pea baby Blanket I showed y'all back in the second post (All About…UFOs) that I thought I was just going to have to frog because it was way to small to be anything useful? Well, through the Hogwarts at Ravelry group I learned about a charity called Elephant Tears that accepts items for families who have lost children (especially preemies and micro preemies). Although its small, I think this blanket could be a great comfort to a family. The fabric is extremely soft, I adore the pattern and the color way is beautiful. I've also been working on some micro preemie hats for them which you'll see tomorrow. 

Happy Thursday! Almost to the weekend!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Something Other Than Socks...

Happy WIP Wednesday! Since I finished my two pairs of socks last week, I figured I would try and work on some older projects before starting anything new (which didn't exactly work, but hey! I have two FOs for Friday!). Three projects in the WIP department this week…

#1. My Striped Socks
In spite of really only working on these socks when I have free time at the pool, they are steadily growing. I also really like not having to keep track on my phone of which row I am on.

#2. Falling Leaves
This little shawl is continuing to grow! It's my first time using a chart and overall, it's getting a lot better. I've gotten into a pretty good rhythm and enjoy seeing the new leaves grow.

#3. Noah Baby Sweater
Finished the first sleeve and am working my way through sleeve number two. After this, lots of seaming and a neckband. And that's it! Kind of exciting when you start to think about it…

Linking up with Tami and Ginny. Have a great Wednesday and Happy Knitting!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

You know it's getting serious...

…when you order your suit! The swim is now less than 2 months away! Got a good swim in yesterday and am hoping for another good one today. Still working on the kayaker situation…I currently have a definite possible, but she's never actually kayaked before. 11 miles seems like a long distance for a first trip...

Monday, May 12, 2014

Sometimes, I get Creative

I love being yarn (as previously discussed). My favorite is buying in-store because I can smoosh and squeeze and compare yarns. I get to see the colors exactly as they are. However, sometimes I want things that aren't available locally which is where online yarn shopping comes in handy. Except for the fact that yarn I buy online I have to wind myself.
This is my way of winding yarn at home. Granted, we were catching up on some old shows and I got to sit on a couch so overall, not too terrible. Just extremely slow…and occasionally a bit daring as the dog lunged for the yarn. I've never met a dog so in love with yarn as Hailey is; she is constantly trying to steal it away if I'm sitting on the couch knitting with her. She's worse than the cat. However, she's adorable and so snuggly so I can't ever stay too mad at her.
Seriously, have you seen a dog so dignified and well-posed?
The cat is quite the snuggler, too. Except when she's sleeping on pillows she doesn't belong on (which would be all the pillows!).

Does anyone else have a yarn crazy dog? Or am I the only one?

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Thoughts for a Sunday

A) No stretch post today…I don't think I'm actually going to do that as I'm writing a lot more about knitting in this blog than swimming. Sundays are probably just going to be a random writing sort of day…like Mondays.

B) The Mother's Day socks were perfect! Mom loved the color and length and fit and pretty much everything about them. And she was definitely surprised! She had no idea the socks were headed her way.

C) I've got some mixed bag feelings currently. There was a shop update today for a yarn dyer who just has some beautiful color ways and yarn that everyone raves over. I was on her store four minutes after the update and she was completely sold-out. Needless to say, I'm a bit bummed out as I would love to get my hands on at least a skein of her stuff. Similtaneously, I'm a little grateful i missed out for both my wallet and my stash's sake. I have a ton of yarn here-a good deal quite nicely tucked into some hiding spots so my mother doesn't have a heart attack with all my stash. I also have quite a bit of stash in a storage locker in a different state that's waiting for me to have my own place. I really, really don't need any yarn for quite awhile-and yet, I just can't seem to get enough. In the next couple of months, I'm going to try really hard to work from stash and not get anything new until I've got through at least five or six skeins I have hanging out. Unless I manage to make it to one of the shop updates…

Happy Mother's Day! Wishing everyone near and far a most wonderful day!

And now for something completely different...

Trying to bust out a WIP or two before jumping back into the sock bandwagon. Made some great progress last night and then got to spend multiple hours ripping it out. Happy to say that I am five rows further than the last time I posted a picture...which will have to be later since I can't do it from my phone.

Happy Mother's Day!

Friday, May 9, 2014


Happy Friday!
In case you couldn't guess from the title, I do in fact have some FOs for you today! This post is coming a little late because I wanted to make sure I had all my ends weaved in before taking pictures and writing this up.

Without further ado, FO #1!
My purple socks are finished! I am so excited to wear them tomorrow-they are so comfy and still smooshy! I love the variegation in this color way and am stoked I have some leftover…definitely going to the puff blanket, but maybe heel/toe for another pair of socks, too? Or maybe worked in as a few stripes in a leg somewhere? The possibilities are endless! Wish I had made the leg a tad longer, but I am so happy overall…

Done ahead of schedule (seriously thought I'd be burning the midnight oil on Saturday night to finish these in time!)! I am so excited to give these to my mom for Mother's Day. As far as I know, she hasn't seen them yet and has no idea that she's getting a pair of socks this Sunday. I love a good surprise! 

It's going to be a bit odd not having these on WIP Wednesday next week since they've been in rotation a bit of time. What are you working on? Any plans for Mother's Day? Here's to the weekend!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Training-That's a Funny Joke

I swam a whole 500 today. I know-super far. Here's hoping for a much better/longer swim tomorrow!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Monogamy in Knitting

So I know I can't claim monogamous knitting status (my large pile of WIPs counts majorly against me). I can't even attempt to claim it for this week because true monogamy means only one project being worked on and I worked on three this week. However, I am climbing just a slight hair of monogamy because all projects that i worked on were socks (and two are even the same pattern). You've seen them all before (technically), but they've each grown since last week so let's roll them out!

My Purple Sock 

I am 8 rows away from starting the toe on this bad boy. The end is near…I can feel it!

Stripey Stripes
Slowly, but surely this little sock is growing. I've been working on it when I have free time at work lately (which has been limited). Still, it's managed to grow a few stripes since the last time you saw it. I'm in now rush to get this pair done and am just enjoying so simple process knitting.

Seattle Blues (aka Mom's Socks)
This is indeed sock number two for Mom's Mother's Day pair! I'm a little behind where I would like to be, but I'm hoping some speed knitting tonight and tomorrow will get me back on track. I really like these socks and am crossing my fingers my mom falls in love as well. 

So yes, another week of sockyness. Maybe next week I'll have something knew to show you. Linking up with some other fabulous knitter/bloggers; Tami, A Baby's Smile, Ginny (check them out and the other's who are linking up with them!).

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Difficulties of Being a Swimmer

*Warning: This is a fairly ranty post because I am in less than a stellar mood. Don't go on if you're looking for my general cheerfulness. That will return tomorrow.*

I love swimming, but sometimes I absolutely hate being a swimmer. I'm frustrated; I will openly admit it. I'm having a really hard time swimming right now for a whole slew of reasons.

Top of the list is that I'm currently spending too much time at the pool teaching. I generally like teaching, but not six days of week for multiple hours at a time. Currently, 90% of my students are 5 and unders. I've been teaching basic lessons for a long time; our pool offers more advanced lessons, but I get stuck with all the newbies. I'm getting tired of it…and I don't find it very fair that another staff member (who only teaches twice a week) threw a hissy fit and so now I'm stuck with an even higher percentage of little kids than I previously had. All the teaching is draining and it's really hard to get in laps before or after lessons because I just get too cold in the water.

Issue number two is that when I do get a chance to swim, it's almost always interrupted by other swimmers who are not in the appropriate lane (we regulate by speed) and have no general lap swimming courtesy. I understand that the other lane has two people in it, but guess what? You're going the same speed as the two people…you are however, going significantly slower than me and you refuse to stop at walls to allow me to pass you. I swim to decrease my stress and anger; your inability to be a decent human being and admit that you're not a slow swimmer is seriously getting in the way of my workout. One of the hardest parts about swimming laps is the influence other people have on your workout. Running on a treadmill, cycling on a stationary, busting through on an elliptical, even working out on a track- the degree to which people around you are working has no immediate effect on your personal workout. That does not stand true in the pool…someone in the wrong lane can make it more or less impossible to swim. It doesn't help the situation that the lifeguards do not enforce lane speeds at all and regularly allow water walkers in the slow and even medium lanes.

Issue number three are the time constraints as mandated by my mom. I love my parents and am really grateful to be able to live with them while I figure out post-grad life. However, my mom is really unclear as to the time needed to train to swim 11 miles (partly because I wasn't living at home when training for the 3 last year). She doesn't understand needing to put aside 1.5-2 hours a day minimum to swim or do dry land on top of the 3-5 hours I teach on a daily basis. Trying to appease my mom while also doing everything I need to do really isn't working out well for me.

Okay, I'll be honest, I do feel a whole host better having all that written down. And shockingly enough, even though I'm being whiny, I did manage to swim both 5/5 and 5/6 for over 1000 each so there's at least that. Hoping to get some more yards in each of the coming days…we'll see how I actually do. Nothing much on the dry land front other than lots of dancing around tomorrow cuz it's a cleaning day. WIP Wednesday tomorrow…and some definite progress indeed!

Monday Musings

I bought more Cascade Heritage Sock online at WEBs last week. It's absolutely scrumptious and oh so squishy.
Mom claimed the top hank (Juniper Berries) as a pair of socks for her. I had actually bought the bottom hank (Vino) with her in mind. We'll see if she changes her mind after she gets her Mother's Day socks (which I would like to report, I am currently working on the heel flap of sock number two). There is a possibility I may be able to get two pairs of socks from each of these skeins as they are 150 grams each (normal skein is 100 grams and I think I should have a decent amount of yarn left after finishing sock number two of mom's pair). I'm also thinking of striping with Vino and Berries and then doing maybe a black or purple heel/toe combo. The possibilities are endless and that thrills me…however, there are quite a few projects to get off the needles before these beauties can become something.

In other exciting news, one of my besties (who just so happens to be a knitter), is working on a pair of socks herself! She has always said socks seem to be too much effort and have the ability to fall apart too easily to be worth knitting…she's not really a fan of anything lighter than worsted weight yarn and loves her cowls and beanies. She's trying to do a bit of stash-busting though and found some DK weight and a perfect pattern. I am so thrilled for her (and hopeful that she might become as obsessed as me!).

That's all for now; swimming news/thoughts/etc coming up sometime in the early afternoon or late evening. Thanks for reading!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Sunday Status

Don't really feel like posting a stretch today…currently, I'm more than a bit annoyed with Blogger as I was trying to create a 2014 FO page and all the pieces were just not coming together as I wanted them to. Don't get me wrong-Blogger is great and generally very user friendly, but today it was just not working out in a positive manner for me. As Aimee from Knitting in Circles would say, maybe I'm just being dense…
So no FO page for now, though I hope to re-visit the idea soon to see if i can make something work out. Back to sock knitting and maybe some Harry Potter...

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Sockky (not the same as Sake)

Feeling pretty soccky this week (aka sock happy). I am still carving away on sock number one, but as you can see there has been a color change which means…yes, I'm working on the toe!! I'm hoping to finish this tonight and get started on number two…it's a little hard though only working on it when I'm not around my mom because she's been around a lot lately! Hope your Saturday is going well. Happy stitching!

Friday, May 2, 2014

Friday Catchup

Only missed one day so far this week…and I didn't really do very much swimming till today. Woke up extra early and got a nice 3000 in before 11 am! I felt very accomplished!

Now for the fun part…FOs! Nothing too big this week, but still a bit exciting!
First, we have a pretty sweet Southwest bow headband to go along with the One Plus I finished last week. Nothing too complicated and no formal pattern for it. I just knit a rectangle and then do I-cord for days!
The monkey model is just a model…I wish I had knit it, but it was a gift from my sister a few years ago.

Second, we have some finished puffs! The four very colorful ones are from the UFO post…I filled them and stitched them up (and the red and gold one is yarn I dyed myself!). The solid blue one is another one I knit, filled and stitched on Wednesday night. 
These five puffs bring my 2014 count up to 11 (I know-quite the overwhelming amount). The problem is…I don't actually know how many I have total since 90% of them are in a storage unit in a different state. I know I have at over 100…I'm just not sure if that number is closer to 100 or 200. 

Hope your week has gone well and here's to a great weekend!