Favorite Patterns

I find 99.9% of my patterns on Ravelry. The other minuscule percent come from books that I check out from the local library…but I always end up on Rav checking out the project pages, pattern notes, etc. I occasionally just pull patterns out of my head…I always try and write fairly decent pattern notes when that does happen.


Basic Ribbed Socks by Kate Atherley.
This is one of the best patterns I've ever come across for any project. The instructions are written very well and everything about this pattern is completely clear to me. I love how she has the pattern broken up into different sections. This is my go-to pattern for anyone interested in making socks, but scared to try.

Vanilla Latte Socks by Virginia Rose-Jeanes
I am totally and completed obsessed with this sock pattern. I love that the pattern contains different options for cuff, heel and toe to make a sock that you love. This pattern works great for semi-solids, variegated and striped. It's also well-written and produces a great looking/wearing sock.

Fish Lips Kiss Heel by Patty Jo White
I fell down this rabbit-hole hard and I'm 1000% okay with never coming out. I love this heel so much and use it almost exclusively on all my socks now. The pattern definitely looks a little intimidating at first-but I now have it completely memorized after doing it for a half dozen pairs or so. i would seriously recommend giving it a go...it will almost definitely change your life.

Baby Stuff:

One/One Plus by Erika Flory.
This is such a fun pattern and produces a totally adorable little baby sweater. I find the instructions really clear and love the many ways this pattern can be customized.

Easiest and Fastest Baby Booties Ever! by A la Sascha
These are really great booties. Definitely an easy pattern to memorize and use with many different weight yarns. Yes, having to sew them up at the end kinda sucks, but that's mainly because I can be a bum who doesn't love mattress stitch (and who is sometimes shockingly bad at it!).

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