Sunday, October 23, 2016

Sock Sunday

So I think I might have figured out a way around my photo issue-YAY! Just one photo for today-but I've been working on its mate all day. A mate, you say? Why yes! I wanted a new pair of Halloween socks this year because so many wonderful dyers have so many wonderful Halloween colors. I started this pair the beginning of the month and just finished the heel on sock number two so it might actually happen!!
Sock 1 (which has since been finished)

The yarn in Undead Ahead by Sarah of KnittyAndColor on her Glam Rock Sparkle Sock. The colors are absolutely incredible and the yarn is so soft and lovely to work with. It feels great on my feet, too! It's a little hard to see, but I threw in a little rib that goes all throughout the foot and leg on the front. I'm using the Fish Lips Kiss Heel which is so fast and smooth and just insanely easy to knit.
Hope you all have had a lovely weekend and a great week ahead!

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Still Alive...

...and still a wool pig. And a total fail at being on a yarn diet. I'm keeping track (eek) but I'm so far off of where I was going to's not even funny. I'm still hoping I can knit more in yardage and weight this year than last.
I was going to try and insert some photos of what I've been up to these past months (knitting and otherwise) but blogger is struggling a touch so....look for me on Instagram as ferber13 and Ravelry as pilots13 and hopefully my next post while contain some lovely photos.

A view of the Pacific Ocean from Pt. Reyes Lighthouse
(taken the last time I was home)
Talk about foggy!!