Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year's Eve

No Vampires Here (my pattern based off of Laura Linneman's Socks on a Plane)
SweetGeorgia Yarns Tough Love Sock in Silver on size 2 Prym needles

Zigzagular Socks by Susie White
Cascade Yarns Heritage Handpaints in Londonberry on size 2 Prym Needles

Business Casual by Tanis Lavallee
Shibui Knits Sock in Fulids Anime (for body) and Tweed for the heels/toes

Beekeeper's Quilt by Tiny Owl Knits
random bits and bobs on size 3 DPNs from Michael's

Block and Tackle Blanket by Sarah Burton
Red Heart Soft Solids and Heathers in Berry and Turquoise on size 9 needles from Michael's

Hope you all enjoyed! Happy New Year!! And of course, linking with Ginny and friends!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

No Knitting Was Done...

But I still finished something yesterday that I've been meaning to finish for a quite awhile now…
I finally finished reading A Clash of Kings by George R.R. Martin (aka the second book in A Song of Fire and Ice Series aka Game of Thrones).
I've only been working on it since…July, nbd. I have read other books in the meantime I would like to add as well. I'm just looking forward to giving it back to its owner…and maybe starting on the third book…

Since I don't have any FO photos for you today, I thought I would share the best kid photo from Christmas…pup included, of course.
Sister-in-law (Hermoine's Hat), brother (BigFoot Socks), Me, Hailey (aka the pup), Sister (Boot Toppers).
Hope your Tuesday is lovely! See you tomorrow for a very special post!

Monday, December 29, 2014


Another WIP has been blasted!
This picture is less than perfect but I would like to present the Oh So Sparkly Shawlette which is basically only ever going to be worn as a cowl and which I refuse to block cuz I loves it just the way it is!
And in case you are wondering, yes, there is a most terrible selfie on Rav that I thought about posting over here but decided against. If you want to see it, you gotta click the link and check out the Rav page.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Another One Bites the Dust

Which means only 6 WIPs to go! And I'm actually getting ready to do the bindoff on the Oh So Sparkly shawlette which will pop me down to five! Which just makes me beyond excited because I so ready to start some new socks for me!
Without further ado…

The SF Mitts

So named because they were going to have an orange SF embroidered into them for a Giants fan. However, embroidery is not a skill set I currently possess and honestly, we all kinda liked them the way they were. And yes, that is my already chipping Christmas manicure I got done on Monday. What can i say? I'm rough on my hands/nails.

Back to marathoning/binging on Knit Girllls episodes…I was at about episode 47ish or so as of before Christmas…I am now working my way through episode 66 (and I've only skipped four total because they weren't working).
Hope your knitting is going well. I've read of a couple other people trying to clear up needles before the New Year. Anyone else feeling some pressure to finish things up?

Saturday, December 27, 2014

What's Up Ahead

I have an FO post for today. Why? Because I plan on doing a big, state of affairs WIP post on Wednesday and then posting new finishes with the new year…so basically anything I finish in 2014 is getting posted ASAP so that I can have fresh finishes for the new year. Also hoping to weed down my UFO pile (which is currently sitting at 7 projects) between now and 1/1/15 (which is less than 5 days away!).
So…what did I finish for today?

Window Pane Coasters
They are done, done, done and even got a bit of an overnight block! I'm excited to have finished them and hopefully give them to the recipient soon! So close to finishing up two skeins of yarn with them but  not quite :/
I actually really like having them in the two different color ways. Obviously the pattern shows up better in the semi-solid, but I really like how it breaks up the variegated. It was fun to experiment.
That's all for me today…back to busting through podcasts and knitting and even writing some thank you notes, I think.
Happy Saturday!

Friday, December 26, 2014

In Case You Were Wondering...

…you can knit you can knit 431 rows and still not completely finish any 1 item (although the BigFoot Socks are included in the 431 so I guess something did get finished…). Also, yes, that is how many rows I knit between last week's Wednesday WIP post and this week's Friday WIP post. So what exactly did happen within all the rows?

No Vampires Here
Well, I made my way through the heel and up the leg since you last saw this. This is still sock number 1 but it is getting it's cuff so almost there!

Ziggy-Zag Socks 
Mom's Christmas socks…these weren't yet a thing the last WIP post I did and now they are past the heel!

Window Pane Coasters
These weren't a thing either and I've cast-on for the fifth (and final 1)! These could very well be finished today if I so choose…

SF Mitts

These weren't a thing either! I'm two rows away from starting the thumb increases on this first mitt.

I'm planning on keeping track again of the numbers of rows I knit between this WIP post and next week's which will hopefully actually come on Wednesday and be a wrap up for the whole year. I would love to finish a few of these as well as make some progress on some of my oldies before the new year starts!

A very Merry Boxing Day to you and yours! I thought of you all yesterday and wished for much yarn goodness for each and every one of you!

And special for Kathy B, two of the cards I handmade (the rest went home with the recipients before I remembered to grab photos!)

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Hello, Wire

You seem to be getting awfully close…

Yesterday, I knit 105 rows. I still am not done with all my presents…

But I did finish making my Christmas cards for my immediate family!

Back to knitting-hopefully some progress pics tomorrow :)

Sunday, December 21, 2014

I'm So In Love

The best friend and I got our matching tattoos yesterday. It was her first one and my third one. I love it so very, very much and have spent a good deal of time today just staring at it because it makes me so happy.

72 hours till Christmas, ya'll

Calendars are Overrated

As shown by my inability to post an FO post on Friday even though the object was done before than! The struggle is real, y'all…

But look! I finished the BigFoot socks which means…
1. One pair of socks (sock 1 is on gusset decreases)
2. One pair of socks (sock 1 has a finished cuff and the beginning of a leg)
3. One pair of fingerless mitts
4. Set of five coasters (2/3 of the way done with coaster #2)

is all that stands between me and being done with Christmas 2014 knitting!!!

Friday, December 19, 2014

On Tough Stuff...

Knitters are generally happy people. Yes, we may be snarky and sassy and have mood swings out the wazoo but trust me, we're much happier people with our needles than we are without them. There's just something about knitting (and I imagine crocheting, though I don't know because I always screw that up) that can soothe the soul. Yummy yarn, a tasty pattern and great needles all come together to create something out of a dream.

Except for the days or weeks or goodness, yes, even months where everything sucks. You become the opposite of King Midas and everything you touch (heck, sometimes even look at) turns to trash. It pretty much sucks. As a knitter, losing your knitting mojo-that thing that settles you-really, really, really sucks. 

I'm lucky to be in a good place right now. I have beautiful yarn, I have beautiful projects and I'm constantly feeling inspired without feeling overwhelmed. Yes, I have a lot of WIPs, but that's okay. 

So why write about this now? 

Because I'm afraid it will come back and I'll fall down again. 

And as scary as it is, it's okay because I know something fabulous will guide me back. 

This is kind of a love letter to all of you for constantly sharing your astonishing projects with the world (and letting the rest of us in to your daily life, too). You all motivate me to try new things and actually finish things, too!

And for anyone who feels like their mojo is leaving them, it's okay. Take some time to yourself and know that we will always be here when you're ready to come back. 

You all bring special love and light into this world. I'm so glad I've gotten the chance to know you all :)

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

So much has changed

Bigfoot Socks have 11 rows till they are done, Vampire socks are getting ready to start gusset increases and yep, I'm totally ignoring that I have two not even started pairs of socks and five coasters to do by 12/25. This first year of Christmas knitting has definitely been adventurous…

Oh yeah-all the finished stuff is drying on a rack after being soaked and rinsed on Sunday….

Linking up with the dear, darling Ginny and all her lovely friends!

Friday, December 12, 2014

The Goose is Getting Fat

Why? Because Christmas is coming!
3 FOs this week (though 2 are technically from last week…)

My Fingerless Mitts
Nothing too crazy here, but I really like them. I almost always forget how much I do love fingerless mitts. Definitely thinking some more pairs are in my future after holiday knitting is done.

Hermione's Hat
I am head over heels in love with this hat and just hope the recipient loves it as much as I do! I cannot wait to make mine (after Christmas, of course!)

Moss Stitch Coasters
These were the ones I added to my list yesterday. Whipped them out in not too much time…and now Mom wants four more for another present :) The list never ends…

Hope your Christmas knitting is going well! We are finally seeing sun after the crazy storm of the past 36 hours. Happy Friday!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

And a Partridge in a Pear Tree

Things to be Knit for Christmas 2014 List (Pt.2)
5. Two coasters to stick under coffee mugs (to be finished by 12/24)

And this is why we make our lists and put them in multiple places XP

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Come Clean

By the one and only Hilary Duff is my favorite song to listen to when its mega raining…and right now, it is mega raining. So my pictures kinda suck…also, I kinda suck at blogging lately. I'm sorry! Hoping after Christmas knitting stress is over I'll be better. Love all of you for sticking with me!

Because the weather and the lighting sucks and I'm getting a little nervous about how much I still have left to do, I took a combined pic. Its not the pretty-but luckily you've already seen both of this week's projects before :)
A little bit of progress on the Vampire Free Sock-and yes, that is the very beginning of a BigFoot Sock which means I am busy on number two! So the big question is-what do I have to do and by when?

Things That Still Need to be Finished for Christmas Knitting List
1. Sock Number 2 of the BigFoot Socks
2. Sock Number 1 and 2 of the Vampire Free Socks
3. Sock Number 1 and 2 of Mom's Socks (still tbd…maybe try and finish Business Casual for her?)
4. Sock Number 1 and 2 of Meg's Socks (I have the yarn ready to go but haven't picked a pattern yet…).

Items 1 and 3 need to be finished by 12/25, item 2 by 12/24 and I think item 4 can probably be held off until 1/5. The crunch is real! What do you do to stay ahead and make it out in time? Linking up with Ginny and the gang.

Why you take so many pictures of me, lady? 
Number 1 Snugglepup

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Such a Tease...

I really seriously meant to post yesterday for WIP Wednesday-I honest to goodness swear! However, yesterday got busy with TRX (time #3!) and walking the dog and going out for round one of a friend's birthday (because when you're a 20-something, there are usually multiple nights of celebration). Long story short- WIP Wednesday is happening on Thursday…again. Shocker of the century, I know :)

All Christmas presents in the WIP list this week-I do have an FO for tomorrow that is for me, me, me :)

Bigfoot Socks

Now at a more correct foot length! Making some good progress on the leg-thinking cuff time is rapidly approaching. Hoping that sock number 2 will go a little more quickly…not ripping back almost 40 rows should help a lot :)

Hermione's Hat
Just picked up a skein of Malabrigo in Emerald to make one for me after Christmas knitting is done. I really like how this is looking and hope the recipient likes it as well!

No Vampires Here
Something new! I'm using a cable pattern from the second Vogue Stitchionary called the Garlic Braid and the basic math for toe-up socks from Laura"s Socks on a Plane pattern. These are for my grandma and I am so totally enjoying them. The yarn is Sweet Georgia Tough Love Sock in Silver and it is absolutely delicious :)
Although a day late, still linking up with Ginny and the rest of the crew! Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Lest I Delude You...

…I am very far from being a perfect knitter. This picture was taken after S&B on 11/23. This sock was supposed to be just over 11 inches long. So what does it look like now? Tune in tomorrow for WIP Wednesday! And don't forget to post your own :)

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Saturday Snapshots

Occasionally I do things like dry land workouts by myself. Today I did a kick-butt plank for more than 2 seconds (and some other stuff, too). But the plank was the only thing I took a picture of...

This was taped to the inside of one of my middle school music binders. I don't know why I still had middle school music binders lying around-but finding this was definitely worth it!

Friday, November 28, 2014

An FO Update

Nevermind that this was supposed to be posted a week ago (btw-this week's WIP update is getting combined with next week's ). Whatever- I'll post when I wanna

Another Christmas present is done! This time being the Boot Toppers
I tried them out with skinny jeans and a borrowed pair of boots and they are so much fun! I'm hoping my sister likes them (figure the gray was a good neutral color for her). 

The other FO is a yarn stash and queue stash project. Nothing too crazy but I do have a Black Headband now!
I'm pretty excited to wear it…may have to make some matching fingerless gloves :)
Hoping you all had a lovely Thanksgiving and a restful weekend ahead of you!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Happy Things Come in the Mail

The upside to being sick this week was that I got to be home and open packages right away when they came with pretty things for me!
First up are some awesome new suits from the Finals via their Funkies collection. I love these suits and wear them almost exclusively. Why? They're super fun (animal prints and glitter), they last well and they're comfy without being too loose or too tight for very long. Plus they're different from the typical solid color suits or non-metallic that people over the age of 10 seem to think they should wear. Idk-I'm excited to have these two new beauties to be rocking when I head to the pool.

This was a super awesome order from the one and only Spartickes Dyes. I love the tag on the yarn (which is Better Call Saul from her Breaking Bad series). I haven't watched Breaking Bad yet, but I really liked these colors! I think they'll be a super fun pair of socks! I also ordered one of her super cool bags- I really like it but a friend who loves the Giants has recently gotten into to knitting and I was thinking about seeing if she would like it as the inside is a great marbled orange that's very Giantsy. Idk, I haven't decided yet and it is currently holding my Christmas sock yarns that aren't actually projects yet.

And speaking of Christmas-it is five weeks away! I think I better kick my knitting drive into overgear!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Wintery Wet Wednesday WIPs

It is raining here in California! And this trend is supposed to continue for the rest of today, tomorrow and some of Saturday! Hip, Hip, Hooray! I am an eternal sunshine girl-but I like green things and I like taking showers on a daily basis. Drought conditions are not my fave…
And of course, rain gives me a perfect excuse to stay inside and knit. I just happen to have my own personal furnace occupying the lower portion of my legs so even if I wanted to go somewhere, it would be rude to move her...
Webcam photo!
If you entered the pattern giveaway, check the post from yesterday! Thanks for playing along…and I think more giveaways will be coming soon! :) And now for the WIPs (they're all Christmas presents!):

Boot Toppers
Number 1 is done (though I strongly dislike the bind-off) and number 2 is almost there. Will definitely be making more of these (and getting a pair of boots so I can wear some, too!). 

Hermoine's Hat (aka H Hearts R)
This hat is so squishy! Tried it on yesterday and it fits my noggin pretty well so hoping it works for the intended recipient. It has some nice stretch to it for sure!

Bigfoot's Socks
These are basic Vanilla Latte Socks except I'm working them from the toe-up because I didn't feel like picking up stitches and doing gusset decreases on a men's size 12 sock. Using the basic idea of toe-up from Socks on a Plane except I'm going to have to change some of the math around when it comes to the heel. 

Sorry the project pictures are slightly off…rain equals not the best lighting for taking pictures (though these pics are definitely wayyyy more accurate than last week's). Who knows…maybe next week, I'll post on time and have amazing photos! Linking up with Ginny

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

And the Winners Are...

Dee from Tangled Up In Sticks and String
Kim from Hand Eye Crafts
Kathy B. from Irish Eyes Knitters
Jenna from Hard Knit Life
Ellen from the Ellen Report

Thanks so much for playing along, ladies! Please leave me a pm on Ravelry with the pattern of your choice (less than $10).

Monday, November 17, 2014

Takin' Names, Makin' Lists

Two FOs this week! You all motivate me to finish things cuz I feel guilty if I have nothing to post!

Triangle Baby Bib

Something a little different from my normal baby bib. Last two stripes were knit with no increases because I liked the width of the bib, but wanted the length to be longer. Last addition to a package that went out to MCK and will hopefully be there sometime this week.

Honeycomb Cowl

Second Christmas present done and it feels so good. Still needs to be soaked and blocked, but I'm a pretty big fan of it and hope my godmother likes it as well and that it helps keep her warm.

This was supposed to be posted on Friday, but sick people get to change their posting schedule to accommodate their illness…post 100 winners will be announced later this week pending how I feel.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

It's Still Wednesday in My World

So this totally counts as an on-time WIP post! Just ignore the colors in these photos…they are so off :(
Also, post on "F to the O" to be entered into a pattern giveaway…you still have time!!
And now for the WIP brigade…all Christmas presents I might add

Honeycomb Cowl
It basically looks the exact same as last week because I've barely worked on it. Also, I boo-booed and had to think on it a bit…still hope to finish by Friday :)

H Hearts R
Almost through the first repeat. I love this…love the pattern, love the yarn, love how the two interact. I am so, so happy and so excited for the FO. I think it will be an awesome present!

Boot Toppers
Three more rows (+bind-off) and this would be done…alas, too many other things. This is for my sister who doesn't want socks and already has a scarf. I thought boot toppers might be something fun and different for her since she does live in a place where snow exists and she loves to wear boots!

I have at least one FO for Friday so tune back in. And enter the pattern giveaway! It's easy, peasy lemon squeezy! Linking up with Ginny :)

Monday, November 10, 2014

Lucky Duck

This beautiful swap package arrived for me from the super sweet Kathy B. over at as part of the awesome TIS the Season swap hosted by the ever excellent Kim from I am one lucky, lucky duck for sure! According to the USPS, my package should be arriving to my partner today so crossing my fingers she likes it! I am so excited for the Rowan, but making myself wait till after Christmas knitting is done to use it. I have already started making notes of the tablet and am so excited to put my bells up in just a few weeks! Hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday. Don't forget to go to the F to the O post to find out how to be entered into a pattern giveaway I'm hosting! Entries close on Friday so you still have plenty of time! :)

Friday, November 7, 2014

F to the O

Ha! Ha, ha, ha! I am posting an FO Friday on Friday!Just adulating all over the place…nbd :)

It's a good thing I had a list going because I wasn't exactly sure what I had to show you…in order from first to last, here we go!

Halloween Socks
I really, really like these socks except for the fact that I cast-off a little tighter than I should have :(
However, that has not stopped me from already wearing them twice (including for Halloween for the Giants parade!).

Falling Leaves
It's really hard to block something when you don't have enough blocking boards. This definitely grew with the blocking I gave it so I'm hunting for more blocking boards so I can straighten out the top border and make this perfect. I've already worn it in it's semi-blocked state…A) it is warm as all get out and B) I look classy and adult-like when I wear it!

EKP Baby Blanket
The not-quite baby blanket is done! And stretched out on my parent's king-sized bed because it makes my twin look tiny. And the baby is due to come any day now so I'm glad it is finished.

Look for lots of Christmas knitting in the weeks to come as the big day is 6.8 weeks away! Zoinks!
To get you in the mood (and to celebrate 100 posts), I'm hosting a pattern giveaway. Comment on this post by next Friday to be entered. I'll number the posts and pick 3 winners via random number generator for a Ravelry pattern that's under $10. Happy Friday!

Thursday, November 6, 2014


Feels kinda groovy! Also, thinking about some sort of pattern giveaway to celebrate :)

And I'm a day late here, but not a dollar short cuz I have some groovy WIPs to share!

Business Casual
Two full pattern repeats done, and working on number three. Brought it along to Sunday morning knit group and got some good work done on it :)

Honeycomb Cowl
Christmas present for my godmother out of Cascade 128 Superwash. I'm super digging it and being on the East Coast, I think it should be perfectly warm and snuggly for her!

H Hearts R
Another Christmas present…this one is for my sister-in-law who works at a library and at a non-profit for early literacy. Loving the Malabrigo Worsted and I really like the subtle variegation in the yarn. I think this is going to be super rocking for her.

Now the major question is…will I manage to post FO Friday tomorrow? Tune in to see…or not see (but hopefully see!)!

And linking up with the ever fabulous Ginny.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

I should walk around with an L on my head

I know, I know…I told ya on Wednesday that I had FOs to share on Friday. Did I post on Friday though? Nope. What about Saturday or Sunday? No and no again. Did I put something up yesterday? Again, that would be a negative. Am I posting today? Yup-but not the FOs. Why? Cuz I'm pretty firm in FOs being posted on or around Friday and Tuesday is neither of those things. So you're just going to have wait till this Friday for an FO post (that well have at least 3 things!).

So what have I been doing if I haven't been writing for you all?

Well, Saturday was a birthday party, Sunday was a garage cleaning day and yesterday was running errands and getting a good swim in (yes, I'm back on the grind). As for Friday? All I have is this for ya…

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

In This House

We cheer for… Team USA
                          The Portland Pilots
                          The Cal Bears
                          The Portland Timbers
                          The San Francisco 49ers
                          And the 2014 World Series Champions, The San Francisco Giants!!!!!!!!

Two WIPs this week and two FOs for Friday :) It's been a great week so far and it isn't nearly over!

EKP Baby Blanket
Getting to the end of time for ya'll to see this blanket which turned out way bigger than I had originally intended. I love giving bigger than baby blankets so I'm pretty stoked out. You're just gonna have to wait for me to finish though to see how big it actually ended up :)

Business Casual
I love these. Got another half repeat in and all I can say is that I'm going to be so stoked to put these socks on…this is still sock number 1 and I'm in no rush. They're a nice in between finishing things project…they just make me soooo happy!

Here's to a pretty rocking week :) And of course, the weekly Ginny linkup