Friday, January 30, 2015

Finished Things!

Two very, very happy FOs this week and fun fact...both have already been worn at least once!
First up, Mom's Zigzagular Socks
Finishing these means the Christmas 2014 knits are finally completed! And less than a month after the actual date! And yes, that is a little puppy butt :) These were a great knit and I'm already 99.9% sure about what yarn I am going to use to knit a pair for me!

Age of Brass and Steam
Woah my goodness...I am so in love. I'm ready to cast on another ASAP. And buy more Ratista cuz it's some amazing stuff!

Thursday, January 29, 2015


This whole not having my own computer thing is kinda throwing me for a loop...however, I have done of podcast watching since Hulu is off the books for me (also watching lots of Gilmore Girls on Netflix and totally loving it!). If you're curious about some of the podcasts I watch, head on over to the inspiration page. I include links and everything.

Didn't do a WIP post yesterday as I was very happily binding off a I have not one, but two FOs for Friday...yay! I do however have three WIPs for you...and I started a fourth one last night but alas, no pictures.

Baby Socks
Just decreasing the toe on this...yes, this is still the first one...did I mention I have two FOs for tomorrow? :)

Block and Tackle Blanket
Since I last took a photo of this with me under it for comparison, this has definitely grown. Hoping to try and add ~10 or so rows every day/every other day so that maybe I actually finish this before next winter. This is definitely going to be a loungy-type lap blanket for me. I have 1 additional skein of each color still waiting to be used so when I finish those skeins, the blanket will be done.

Business Casual
I know this doesn't look like a lot of progress (if you want the actaul truth, it's seven rows difference). But I did work on these some more yesterday after I took the photo so who knows? Maybe next week they'll be an actual difference you can discern :)

Sorry for the WIP post daily....definitely looking forward to the FO post I have for you all tomorrow :) Also, kinda stoked out the I've knit almost half a mile in Finished Objects this year...Eat Sleep Knit has Sea Wool by Fleece Artist on sale as the yarn is being discontinued. I've never used it before but am definitely intrigued by it...and mega in love with both the Seastorm and the Twilight colorways. I need to wait for my next paycheck to come in...but I'm thinking if I hit half a mile and one of those colorways is still in stock, it might be coming home to me :)

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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Wednesday WIP-around

The oldies first-
Over halfway through the foot of this sock which is really hard to capture. The cabled section does not like to show itself when it's just lying flat-but trust me, so pretty! The colors can be tricky at times too, but mom is super in love with it :) This is sock number 2 so hopefully will be done before we go away in February...
Business Casual
This one is mine! I love this sock so much but have been putting it aside to work on other mega-interesting projects!

And the new ones...
Baby Socks
Marine Corps Kids is back up and running with their new system! Since I'm trying to use up acrylic before I move, I'm super stoked to make some things for them. Also, using some of the older patterns in my queue which is pretty fun as well

Age of Brass and Steam (aka Age of Warmth)
And one last thing for me :) This is the Age of Brass and Steam out of the Malabrigo Rastita. I'm so very, very in love. It is so soft and cozy and I just want everything out of this yarn! I will definitely be buying more in the future because it is fantastic! 

Sorry for the less than stunning pictures-hoping to get things together again so I can be back to using my own computer soon.
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Monday, January 19, 2015


Delivered the socks to my Grandma today-I think she's rather excited about them which makes me one happy knitter! :D
Also-gave up resisting temptation and wound and cast-on a new project (no-I haven't finished mom's Christmas socks yet or mine but that's beside the point...).

Friday, January 16, 2015

With photos!

This is my FO from last week. It is the Coriolis hat-made out of extra bulky yarn. It is a fast knit and so squishy and warm. I love it!

Also, the Vampire Socks are done! And just in time as I'm going to see my Grandma on Sunday-they were soaked earlier today and are now hanging to dry-so hopefully they are ready to go!

And I was able to add my WIP photo to Wednesday's post!
I am currently using my mom's computer...posts with pictures will be done from here for the time being, I guess...

Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Way It Is

A) I'm a lameazoid for not posting in awhile. Stuff has happened (both good and bad) that has had an influence.
B) No new pictures on the blog till I figure some things out...I will try to be good about posting things on Instagram and Ravelry. I'm sorry if you're not a member of either of those platforms but the reality is that I don't currently have a computer to post from and trying to post photos from my phone is not currently working. :/
C) I do have WIPs this week-pic on the Instagram (ferber13). Still working on the socks for my mom and my grandma for Christmas-good news is that I'm on the second sick of each pair so yay! Also put a little work into my socks-I'm still on sock number 1 for me.
D) I have an FO for Friday (was actually finished last week but ya know...). There are a few pics on Ravelry. Idk if I'm going to do an FO post since I won't be able to include pics. I should probably add it to the FO list though...
E) I already know my next project as soon as I finish the belated Christmas socks. I've printed out the pattern (Age of Brass and Steam), but haven't wound the yarn (Malabrigo Rastita in the Zarzamora colorway) yet because I am already so, so tempted. I know if j wind the yarn, I won't be able to hold out casting on and I really need to finish the gift socks!!
F) Sorry this is kind of a downer post. I've felt bad for not posting-but a knitting blog without pictures is kinda less than awesome. I'm hoping to figure it all out soon.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

600 Challenge

For the month of January, my YMCA is doing a special challenge for its members…the goal: to work out 600 minutes in the month of January which is about 20 minutes a day. So far I'm at 20. It's a great reminder that even 20 minutes adds up over time…

So what would you do for your 600 minutes?
Anyone else participating in a January/New Year Challenge?

Friday, January 2, 2015

1 and Done!

I do indeed have an FO post for the first Friday of the new year! Man, does that feel good!!
Nothing too crazy but I'm happy nonetheless…

Lakeside Charity Baby Hat
I really like how the yarn self-stripes. And yes, I love that I can do a baby hat out of chunky yarn in a day and still have time to work on other projects. It definitely helped to curb my need to cast-on something…I think I should be able to last at least another 48 hours with my current projects before the urge strikes again :)
Happy Friday! Hope you all have a great weekend!

Thursday, January 1, 2015


My knitting story goes a little something like this…my grandmother taught my sister and I how to knit when we were somewhere around 6/9-8/11…I don't know exactly how old we were. I made a terribly scratchy and very uneven scarf-like thing and then stopped knitting till after my freshmen year of college (summer 2010). I picked it back up because I wanted to make hats for local NICUs and have something to do during Hulu/Netflix/etc. marathons.
I've since exploded my knitting-making things both for myself and for others and truly loving every moment of it. As I was plotting last night what to cast-on (looking at my 20ish page long Ravelry queue), I got to thinking. It's been quite awhile since I've done any charity knitting (Novemeber 2014, actually). Instead of casting-on something else for myself from my mile long queue (which actually earned me my first ESK Yarnathon badge of 2015), I decided it was time to go back to my roots and get cracking on some charity knits. So this morning I cast-on for a new baby hat in Loops and Threads Charisma in the Lakeside color way.
I like how soft and cushy this yarn is and I like the boyish color way. I generally find myself drawn to more traditional girly color ways so I'm excited to be doing something boyish. I'm also pretty stoked to have begun the new year working on my goal to clear out my acrylic stash. One day at a time…

Happy New Years!