Knitting in Circles: Aimee and Darren are really funny. I love their relationship and their knitting and they're one of the major inspirations for this blog. I found this podcast a few years late (they celebrated their third podversary in August) so I'm still catching up, but I really, really enjoy it. Sadly, they're no longer podcasting, but their episodes are still available to watch.

The Knit Girllls: The Knit Girllls are the shit. I enjoy Laura and Leslie so very, very much. They've been podcasting for a long ass time and they're still so funny and bright and full of new inspiration. These women are definitely inspiration that knitting can take you through big and little life changes.

MinervaTurkey: I'm warning you now, get ready to laugh with this funny lady. And also be in awe of her fabulous knitting and spinning...and drool over her beautiful stash enhancement. Shannon started podcasting in ~September 2014 so there's definitely time to watch her from the beginning. She's just so sweet, too! You can also find her on iTunes. She hasn't released any new episodes in awhile, but I would still recommend watching the ones she has up.

Southern Girl Knits: Tish is fantastic. Great knitting, beautiful stash and just a funny person. Tish has three kiddos as well and some of her stories about them have made me laugh out loud. Also relatively new to the podcasting scene so you can totally watch her from the beginning! You can find her on iTunes. She also hasn't released anything lately, but definitely a good one if you want more knitting podcasts.

Gilmore Guys: Not a knitting podcast...throwing that out there now. But...if you love Gilmore Girls, these guys will definitely make your day. I have cried from laughing so hard as I listen to them. A really great male perspective on a female-oriented show. And a great excuse to rewatch GG.

The Grocery Girls: They're sisters and they're so funny!! Great knitting, such good yarn enabling and did, I mention-the creative genius behind Mrs. Brown's Bags on Etsy is one of the cohosts!!!

Hey Sister: I am definitely digging the sister podcasting train! These ladies do a lot of knitting each week and aren't afraid to tackle projects large and small! They also happen to have some very cute tiny humans to knit for and those tiny humans pop up on screen every now and again which is super cute.

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