Saturday, January 14, 2017


As in "oi, with the poodles already". Two of my big knitting goals this year were to knit two rows on one of my blankets each day and to get my WIP pile down from 19.
I managed the two row thing for a whole week before getting distracted...and I've cast-on 3 projects since the new year (2 of which have already been cast-off, yes...but still!).

The Boardwalk hat was one of those-I love it so much! Gifted to a coworker but I think I may end up needing one! The pattern was so well written.
I'm sitting at 20 WIPs...and will probably stay there for quite a bit as I'm attempting the #thirdannualdvdmonthlysockclub hosted by Susan of Desert Vista Dyeworks. My yarn came Thursday and I wound up a skein and cast-on last night.
Instagram photo

I decided to go with the bottom one (Berlin Cathedral)'s so bright and happy and I can't wait to wear these socks! Here's hoping I can finish them before the end of the month!


  1. That is some happy color sock.

    Love the hat ..... I have some good yarn. I think I'll need to go check out that pattern.

    1. I'm excited for the socks for sure!! I look forward to seeing your hat :)

  2. I am trying hard for knitting discipline but I"m so easily distracted! Your sock yarn looks fantastic and is definitely going to make some fun socks!

    1. It's so easy to be distracted when there are so many pretty yarns and patterns! The yarn is amazing! I can't wait to show off the socks once they get a little further :)