Thursday, July 31, 2014

Last Day of the Month Catchup Apparently

Wow! I am so sorry for just kinda jumping ship this past month(+). Lots of things have been going on (sadly knitting hasn't really been one of them…more on that to come). I have no idea what order to talk about things in so I'm just going to kinda go as I think. Editing may occur/this may span more than one post.

One of the biggest things that was occupying my time and mental space was the 2014 Bridge Swim…11 miles down a river under 12 bridges in the beautiful Willamette River. Got up to Tacoma a few days before the race to hang out with my sister and the training team. We drove down to PDX the day before the race. Race morning the sky was beautiful, the water felt great, everybody had kayaks and kayakers (questionable for a moment on more than one account). About 2 hours in (~4.5 miles for me), lightning. We were pulled out of the water and the race was cancelled for the year.
It was an absolutely devastating experience for me. While I am so grateful to everyone made decisions to keep swimmers and kayakers and volunteers safe, it was absolutely heartbreaking to have trained for so long and worked so hard to have it all taken away. It's really taken the mojo out of working out for me and my workouts are one of the focal points of my life so I'm reeling in more way than one. I know I need to get back into…it's hard to push yourself though when you don't have such a mega event to train for. I finally wore my race shirt though yesterday…hadn't been able to look at it for awhile. Here's hoping for better luck next year…and a good chance to really work on my arms so that I can totally crush ;)

As for knitting, that mojo seems to have been lost as well. Unfortunately, while I was in the final parts of training, I was waking up early and going to bed early…cutting my knitting/Netflixing time into milli-moments. I've gained a lot of that time back-just haven't really been drawn to knitting…even though I bought some delicious yarn when I was in Portland. Hoping a few preemie hats might help boost my mojo back up…something about simple/thoughtless projects usually does the trick…especially since I have so much beautiful sock yarn!! The plan is to make socks for both my parents for Christmas this year. I have the yarn and am 99.9% sure on patterns…just have to pick the mojo back up!

Finally, a question for you wonderful knitters. I've heard of the curse of the boyfriend sweater…does the same curse apply to socks? Please, please, please…share your thoughts!

Last but not least, a dramatic Hailey picture. 
She is not enjoying hot California summer weather.

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