Wednesday, February 18, 2015


So the one issue with posting a late WIP post is that when I post one on time, it doesn't seem like I've done all that much. Also, I've been a bum and haven't been knitting as much this week as I have on some other weeks. So sorry for minimal changes in my knitting (I do have an FO though so yay for Friday!).
Electric Lemon Socks
These socks are growing on me. Still the first one but I'm actually pretty stoked out to finish them and have them to wear. And I think this yarn should make a pretty cool BRQ square :)
The Queen of Hearts Wants Your Bones
Didn't finish in time for Valentine's Day, but I love this so much. I'm pretty obsessed with seeing how the yarn is going to interact in each section. I thoroughly adore the dark grey...when it stripes with the red, black, light makes me so happy. 
Seedy Coffee Cozy
I have so many loose ends to use up (and I'd love to clear some out before I move) so expect more cozies, coasters and bookmarks in the upcoming weeks. 


  1. Im getting ideas from you and I need them for my leftovers

    1. I'm on a mega-leftover busting kick!