Saturday, January 2, 2016


A lot of people talk this time of year about exercise plans and reward systems. So far, I've never found work that I've liked, that's worked for me, that I've been able to stick to, etc. A lot of them are weight specific and that just isn't quite what I need right now.
However, I would like to be healthier this year than I have been in the past couple of months and I think I finally have something that might work for me. I already built a spreadsheet to help me better track yardage and weight (in and out) for my knitting this year. I also have a FitBit I got in August that I actually am pretty fond of.
So here's the plan...each week, I'm going to look at my step count at the end of the week. Every 10,000 steps=$1 yarn money. At the end of the month, I can get something (if I want) or carryover the money till the next month. In order to buy any yarn though (flash sales, easy sales, lys sales, etc), I have to have money in the "yarn account". Otherwise, no yarn for me.
I'm hoping this will help motivate me to exercise a bit more often and for longer periods of time-because hello, I love buying yarn and I know of at least a few events/sales that will be happening in the new year.

Other than that, I would like to keep the "in vs out" a little more equal this year. And part of me really, really wants to knit 10lbs of my yarn because I easily have double that amount...and do plan on getting more...

Hope the start of the new year has been both joyous and relaxing. Anyone have any epic plans for the year?


  1. Now THAT is the best idea I've read for the Fitbit! Now we need an app that automatically transfers money to an account?

    1. Here's hoping it works! I think there may be an app somewhere...I'm perfectly happy to keep track of it on my spreadsheet along with my other knitting statistics

  2. I like how you are taking two things that are motivating for you (yarn and the fitbit) and making them work in a magical combination. I'm cheering you along. I definitely like my fitbit too, it just makes me a little more conscious about what I'm doing without fixating on weight, which just depresses me. I think it's great that we try and find things that keep us as consistent as possible and if something doesn't work we try something else, right? What have we got to lose?

    I'm cheering you on. Happy Steps and Happy Knits to you. New yarn ... talk dirty!!

    1. Thanks, Ellen! I'm hoping this works out well for me and am looking forward to a year that's healthy for me and my budget!
      Fixating on weight has never worked well for me and has never helped me to be truly healthy. And at this point in the game, I care more about what I can do, how I feel and how my clothes fit than any single number.
      I'm cheering you on! #happystepsandhappyknits might just become a thing this year :)