Saturday, January 30, 2016

Sock Saturday

I haven't shown knitting in quite a bit of time so....
My first cast-on of the new year! These are out of KnitPicks Felici in the Fanciful color way-sock number two is past the heel and gusset and about 2.5 stripes from starting the two...I would love it if I could finish these before midnight tomorrow [I'm hoping to keep up with Dana and Brittney from Just One More Row in their 12 socks in 2016...I'd actually like more than 12, but baby steps here :)]. I do however have my pair for January finished...they were a WIP from July that just need to be photographed. I keep waiting for daylight and then find myself busy when there is good daylight (and yes, cuddling kitties falls under my definition of busy). However, they have to be posted tomorrow so come what may, I'm snapping and uploading at least one picture before midnight tomorrow!

Hope you have some happy knitting this weekend!


  1. You know, you can't help but love a stripey sock! Fantastic!

    1. Wore them this week and they were so comfy! I am so happy with how they turned out! I think on the next pair I might make the cuff a few rows longer, but I really can't complain with these!