Sunday, March 6, 2016

Acrylic Makes Me Itchy

At least, old school Lion Brand from the stash of a neighbor's mother did. I think the yarn might have been from the 80s or so (based on the hair style of the model on the label). It was not the most fun to knit but I did end up making a pair of pretty cute slipper socks for my neighbor. They ended up striping which I thought was pretty awesome-they are currently being washed and then they'll be on their way to her! I have a photo but Blogger doesn't feel like grabbing it right now so instead, I'll give you a munchkin picture :) Happy Sunday!

Hey lady, why you always taking pictures?
Also, I 1000% fell off my yarn diet. Best friend went to Stitches and played personal shopper for me (only two skeins, thank you very much-though still more than is currently in my yarn budget). But then I saw Eat Sleep Knit had mini skeins from Lorna's Laces in the shop and there was such a perfect yellow for my Barn Raising Quilt (and since I had store credit still, I just had to buy two minis to make it worthwhile) (I'm only counting the grams and yardage on those since I used store credit). Then I saw on Instagram that 716Knit was having a sale and I've always wanted to try her stuff so I said why not? Because treat yourself! Also, sale yarn! And then I might have been looking for partials/minis on Ravelry and found three for $17 that will be perfect for my blanket so I had to get them. And then Lollipop Yarns was having an update so I had to at least try...and I may have scored big! I'll post pics of all the new pretties when they come home to me...and I don't think I'm allowed to buy more yarn till my birthday...and even then I don't quite think I'll have money in the "yarn bank account" so it might be awhile till I buy more...


  1. I'm glad you treated yourself, because you're very aware of your In and Out, which is really the most important thing as long as it doesn't take away from your love of the knit. :) sleepy kitty. hehe.

    1. Ooh, except the numbers are so far off now! I have lots of knitting and walking to do now!