Sunday, March 13, 2016

Binge post

If you don't want to read all about how I am a yarn glutton (aka wool pig) and see photographic proof, then this is not the post for you...if you do, then dive right in!

First up-my StitchesWest haul! I went a la Laura and Leslie and had my best friend be my personal shopper since she was there and I wasn't. I wanted things from new-to-me indies and she mega-helped (I've been looking an Invictus for awhile online so it was most excellent to have her in-person squish for me). And we all know I love bright and/or sparkly. The skein from a Fine Fish Yarns is definitely a pair of socks...the other one, I'm tempted to put together with a skein of something and make a large shawl.
A Fine Fish Yarns in Cyber, Invictus Yarns in Mystic
 Next up are some minis I found in a Ravelry destash to use on my Barn Raising Quilt. They're all also from new to my dyers so that's pretty exciting! And they're some different color ways than what I currently have going so I'm looking forward to the change (according to my mom and sister, I have too many dark colors going so...)
Phydeaux Yarn in Figue, Celestial Strings in Horeshead Nebula and Oink Pigments in Goldfish Bowl
 Here we have a single skein of worsted weight from 716Knit who I've been eyeing to try for awhile-it was sale yarn and those colors are so bright! I think this going to be come a cowl and maybe some mittens. I'm kinda beyond excited.
716Knits in Winning Friends Through Telepathy
This next picture may ignite a little bit of rage if you've been trying to get Lollipop Yarns and always either miss the update or get mega cart-jacked (because that's what usually happens to me). Apparently fortune was looking down on me that night because I managed to score 4 different skeins. I don't know what I did to deserve such luckiness, but I'm definitely not going to argue with it!!
Lollipop Yarns in Puddle Jumper, Living on the Edge
Blarney and Tranquilty
I plan on casting-on Blarney for St. Patrick's Day
Here's the whole big binge together! I have a lot of walking and knitting to do now to try and get back to even!

Happy knitting/Sunday!


  1. Wow...awesome haul....I have to do another Stash Acquistion post, as I had a little jaunt to WEBS...lucky you with Lollipop yarns....but I'm finding so many yummy indie dyers...I belong to a group on Facebook, Addicted to Indie's pretty awesome...

    1. Is WEBS your LYS?! That makes me a little jealous...I've haven't been yet, but hopefully someday soon :)

  2. Oh yeah girl, you did well! That lollipop is going to be so fun to knit! Enjoy. I'll be back to see what you get up to :)