Friday, November 28, 2014

An FO Update

Nevermind that this was supposed to be posted a week ago (btw-this week's WIP update is getting combined with next week's ). Whatever- I'll post when I wanna

Another Christmas present is done! This time being the Boot Toppers
I tried them out with skinny jeans and a borrowed pair of boots and they are so much fun! I'm hoping my sister likes them (figure the gray was a good neutral color for her). 

The other FO is a yarn stash and queue stash project. Nothing too crazy but I do have a Black Headband now!
I'm pretty excited to wear it…may have to make some matching fingerless gloves :)
Hoping you all had a lovely Thanksgiving and a restful weekend ahead of you!


  1. Cute pattern on the boot toppers. :-) I'm sure your sister will love them.

    1. Thank you! Good ole Rav for the win there :)