Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Wintery Wet Wednesday WIPs

It is raining here in California! And this trend is supposed to continue for the rest of today, tomorrow and some of Saturday! Hip, Hip, Hooray! I am an eternal sunshine girl-but I like green things and I like taking showers on a daily basis. Drought conditions are not my fave…
And of course, rain gives me a perfect excuse to stay inside and knit. I just happen to have my own personal furnace occupying the lower portion of my legs so even if I wanted to go somewhere, it would be rude to move her...
Webcam photo!
If you entered the pattern giveaway, check the post from yesterday! Thanks for playing along…and I think more giveaways will be coming soon! :) And now for the WIPs (they're all Christmas presents!):

Boot Toppers
Number 1 is done (though I strongly dislike the bind-off) and number 2 is almost there. Will definitely be making more of these (and getting a pair of boots so I can wear some, too!). 

Hermoine's Hat (aka H Hearts R)
This hat is so squishy! Tried it on yesterday and it fits my noggin pretty well so hoping it works for the intended recipient. It has some nice stretch to it for sure!

Bigfoot's Socks
These are basic Vanilla Latte Socks except I'm working them from the toe-up because I didn't feel like picking up stitches and doing gusset decreases on a men's size 12 sock. Using the basic idea of toe-up from Socks on a Plane except I'm going to have to change some of the math around when it comes to the heel. 

Sorry the project pictures are slightly off…rain equals not the best lighting for taking pictures (though these pics are definitely wayyyy more accurate than last week's). Who knows…maybe next week, I'll post on time and have amazing photos! Linking up with Ginny


  1. Aren't these personal furnaces convenient ;) It only gets problematic when you actually need to get up and they give you this sad look.
    I love the boot toppers, I can't believe I've never made any of these.

    1. She has the "poor me" look down so well. It's an art-form for her
      I really want to find a cute pair of boots so I can make some for me!

  2. Lots of great green knitting going on there!!!! You are doing wonderful things !

    1. Thanks, Kathy! I'm really enjoying what I'm making when is kind of an amazing feeling!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks, Jayne! They're my first, but definitely not my last :)