Thursday, January 1, 2015


My knitting story goes a little something like this…my grandmother taught my sister and I how to knit when we were somewhere around 6/9-8/11…I don't know exactly how old we were. I made a terribly scratchy and very uneven scarf-like thing and then stopped knitting till after my freshmen year of college (summer 2010). I picked it back up because I wanted to make hats for local NICUs and have something to do during Hulu/Netflix/etc. marathons.
I've since exploded my knitting-making things both for myself and for others and truly loving every moment of it. As I was plotting last night what to cast-on (looking at my 20ish page long Ravelry queue), I got to thinking. It's been quite awhile since I've done any charity knitting (Novemeber 2014, actually). Instead of casting-on something else for myself from my mile long queue (which actually earned me my first ESK Yarnathon badge of 2015), I decided it was time to go back to my roots and get cracking on some charity knits. So this morning I cast-on for a new baby hat in Loops and Threads Charisma in the Lakeside color way.
I like how soft and cushy this yarn is and I like the boyish color way. I generally find myself drawn to more traditional girly color ways so I'm excited to be doing something boyish. I'm also pretty stoked to have begun the new year working on my goal to clear out my acrylic stash. One day at a time…

Happy New Years! 

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