Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Wednesday WIP-around

The oldies first-
Over halfway through the foot of this sock which is really hard to capture. The cabled section does not like to show itself when it's just lying flat-but trust me, so pretty! The colors can be tricky at times too, but mom is super in love with it :) This is sock number 2 so hopefully will be done before we go away in February...
Business Casual
This one is mine! I love this sock so much but have been putting it aside to work on other mega-interesting projects!

And the new ones...
Baby Socks
Marine Corps Kids is back up and running with their new system! Since I'm trying to use up acrylic before I move, I'm super stoked to make some things for them. Also, using some of the older patterns in my queue which is pretty fun as well

Age of Brass and Steam (aka Age of Warmth)
And one last thing for me :) This is the Age of Brass and Steam out of the Malabrigo Rastita. I'm so very, very in love. It is so soft and cozy and I just want everything out of this yarn! I will definitely be buying more in the future because it is fantastic! 

Sorry for the less than stunning pictures-hoping to get things together again so I can be back to using my own computer soon.
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  1. Malabrigo, all kinds, is absolutely awesome! I loved making my Business Casual socks, will probably make another they are slightly big....and I adore my Age of Brass and Steam....good luck on all of your projects..

    1. Oh my goodness...the Malabrigo is so amazing. And Age of Brass and Steam fits the skein so well.;..I'm definitely thinking about making another one in one of my socks bases from the company.
      I love how Business Casual looks and I'm definitely enjoying taking my time knitting it :)

  2. The pattern on that green/blue sock is really pretty!

  3. Your WIPs all look good. You choose lovely colorways and yarns. I love the idea of baby socks. I've yet to make any.

    1. They're a great way to use up scraps and play around with different techniques. There are tons of patterns out in the Rav world so that's pretty helpful too!

  4. What is Marine Corps Kids?

  5. Marine Corps Kids is an organization that provides gifts (blankets, bibs, sweaters, socks, etc) to families with a baby on the way and a deployed parent. Here;s a link to their about page:
    From their you can find out where to donate. I love making baby things so I really enjoy donating through them.