Wednesday, February 1, 2017

January Rundown

Trying something new this year-end of month rundown/wrap-up. This monthly post will feature the FOs of the month as well as the WIPs I worked on that month (look at my first post of this year for all my WIPs) lots of knitting! I made collages this month so its not super picture heavy

First up-the FOs!
Top left: 2 cat toy puffs stuffed with catnip for a local animal rescue
Middle left: My one and only barn raising quilt square for the month (Nomadic Yarns in the Campus color way-I made a great pair of socks out of this last year)
Bottom left: Two pink hats I sent to DC for the March on Washington. These hats were nice and chunky and I figured the stripes might suit some people really well
Top right: My January DVD socks in the Berlin Cathedral color way (worn them already and getting ready to wash them so I can wear them again!)
Bottom right: The Boardwalk Hat I made for a coworker out of some Superwash Cascade 220. She's a big fan and I definitely want to make one of these hats for myself!
Not pictured: A dishcloth I finished (because I'm not quite sure where it went..)
More information on all of these projects can be found on their Ravelry pages...or feel free to ask away in the comment section below!

Tope Left: Block and Tackle Blanket out of Red Heart Soft in Berry and Turquoise. This thing is actually pretty soft, definitely warm and going to be amazing once its finished (sorry the progress keeper is really hard to see in the photo!)
Middle Left: My Stripe Study Shawl!!!! I did some unknitting on this on Saturday but I'm so happy and I can't wait for the FO. Just working on the border (that's supposed to be four inches long...insert gasp here). The gradient is Alexandra's Crafts Bling Bling Sister and the tonal is Frabjous Fibers Cheshire Cat in Contrawise. I want this
Bottom Left: A simple cable scarf for a friend out of beautiful yarn from Pineapple Yarn in the Wakiki color way. I'm totally addicted to this dyers yarn.
Top Right: Squish garter blanket out of various Lion Brand Heartland color ways-I'm holding the yarns double so this will be extra squishy blanketness for me!
Middle Right: Every Last Bit shawl in Done Roving Yarns Frolicking Feet in the Royalty color way. I finally have this pattern in my head and I think it will be a nice shawlette when I finish it. The pattern is not yet available for purchase.
Bottom Right: Socks! The purple and turquoise sock is for a good family friend-the yarn is Lollipop yarn in the Zen color way. She's having a rough year so I'm hoping they'll bring her some peace; they're a simple vanilla sock with a Fish Lips Kiss Heel. The blue and green sock (which is a cuff right now) is probably for me-KnitPicks Felici in the Lost Lakes color way. I'm contemplating adding some sort of pattern but haven't actually decided yet. The green and white socks are the Pinstripe Socks in the Blarney color way from Lollipop Yarns. I may keep these or they may go to Mom...we'll see.

That's this months wrap-up! Some things definitely got more love that others but I'm okay with that. I've been able to make some good progress on both blankets by committing to at least two rows a day on one of them. Hope your January went well and happy February knitting!

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