Sunday, February 5, 2017


A) I am so in love with this challenge! It's hosted on Instagram and the photos and prompts are incredible. I've so loved scrolling through how everyone has responded to each day's prompts and there is seriously so much yarn love! It's going on the entire month of February so there is totally still time for you to come in. I dare you to scan through the photos and not feel inspired.
B) Today's prompt was community. That was a hard one for me because I don't have a physical knitting community at this point in my life which totally sucks. I really miss being able to ooh and ahh and squish over beautiful yummy yarny goodness with a group of people. I miss being able to show something to someone in person and ask them what they think (pictures over text just don't cut it sometimes). However-I am so, so grateful to all of you who read and leave comments, who blog or podcast, who post on Instagram and make me feel so much less alone. I would love to meet each and every one of you for a cup of coffee or tea or whatever and just sit and knit and chat...and though its not quite the same, I feel like I get a little of that with the sneak peeks into your world.
So from the very bottom of my heart...THANK YOU!

This was my response to today's prompt...the pattern came from Ravelry, the idea to use a gradient came from Leslie of the KnitGirllls podcast, the yarn is from my closest yarn shop (Ewe and Brew in Meridian, Idaho), and one of the stitch markers (which is quite hidden) is from heyhollyhohum on Instagram (who dyes and sells such pretty yarn on Storenvy). Plus I've worked on this bad boy while watching an untold number of podcasts

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