Sunday, February 12, 2017

It's Started...

I finally started my next shawl! Never mind that I'm still working on the border of my stripe study shawl (guys, I'm so close there..). I've wanted this shawl ever since I saw it on the Grocery Girls podcast and I knew this blue from Pineapple Yarns had to be in it (it's the cobalt color way. I had originally planned a bit of a crazy variegate (with green and purple and red and light blue), but it just wasn't looking right (that yarn will be beautiful socks). I already had some of the Unicorn Battle (the sparkle, speckled grey) wound up and I'm super loving it with the blue. I am so, so excited for this shawl and because its knit at a looser gauge, I think it will be an incredible knit to wear this spring/summer. I gotta finish knitting it first though and there's quite a few other things on the needles...

Hope your weekend has gone well! Here's to a great week!


  1. Lovely shawl. Colors are great very complimentary to one another. May I ask what pattern you are using?

    1. Thank you so much! I'm in love with it too! This is The Girl from the Grocery Store by Joji Locatelli (it's available on Ravelry)

    2. Thank you for the pattern name. Please keep posting pictures so we can travel along with your shawl =D