Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Um, What?!

Just did some math...in the first three months of this year, I've already knit 45% (by weight) and 48% (by length) of what I knit for all of last year! Now, I have had some big finishes...but I have some big ones yet to come! Fingers crossed, I can keep this up and knit more this year than last year. Doesn't hurt that I've managed to keep up with the DVD Sock KAL this year (just finished March's socks...that's three pairs of socks started and finished this year!). Here's hoping I can keep going :)

How are your knitting goals coming? Are you feeling inspired by the things you're making?

And of course, #1 helper cat helping with
laundry the other night


  1. Wow sounds like you are cranking out the knitting! I feel like spring has sprung. I have finally finished a baby blanket and now the world is my knitting oyster. The problem there is so much to knit...

    aye yah! kitty in the washer. wrong spot but SOOO cute.

    1. So much to knit and so many pretty yarns to use! She is a helper kitty for sure...she jumps into the dryer every now and again when its filled with warm clothes (I always check to make sure I see her outside of major appliances before I start them)