Tuesday, October 7, 2014


…I'm pulling myself up on them! Lots of knitting this weekend was good for my soul. Something else that was great was going to a new knit group! Unfortunately, there are not a lot of knit groups in my area. I've been stalking this one on Ravelry (that meets at 9:00 am on Sunday morning…YIKES!). Finally convinced myself to just get-up and go…and had a total blast! Everyone was super friendly and working on completely different projects. It was awesome and I will definitely be returning.

It's looking like I have to take a little-road trip on Wednesday so idk what will happen with the WIP post. There are two yarn shops along the way though that look quite promising so some more beautiful bounty may soon be entering my life. :)

And of course, a certain Hailey being a snuggly goober. She really is a love. Happy Monday!


  1. Hooray for a local knit group. There is nothing quite like a good one. We have a group of 6 that meets twice month. One of our regulars is moving mid october....we will be sad to see her go. WE plan to SKYPE with her

    1. This has probably been the best one I've ever been to :)
      Moving is sad, but it should be fun to Skype in. And you now know someone you can visit and go yarn shopping with (because of course she is moving somewhere with yarn)!