Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Knitting, Knitting Everywhere!

The Soak Photo Challenge ended yesterday. I really enjoyed the prompts and looking through everyone's photos-so much beautiful knitting! I'm not a quilter so I won't be participating in their October challenge but I hope they do another yarn one for November or December :)

I really wanted to cast-on my Halloween Socks on a Plane today…I haven't yet because I am really trying to WIP bust. However, Gilmore Girls just came to Netflix and I really want to watch that (even though I have a bazillion Hulu shows, knitting podcasts and other things on Netflix…). I am contemplating watching one episode every day and only working on my Halloween socks while I watch (and not working on them any other time). I'm not 100% positive, but the more time I spend thinking about it- the more I like it…you'll just have to wait and see next week what I decide!

Now that I've prated on-let's get to the good stuff, eh? To the WIP list!

EKP Baby Blanket
I know, I know-you're all still in shock to see this. Am I really working on this or do I just keep taking pictures in different locations so it looks like I've made progress? Fact: I have less than 20 stripes to go!! Hoping to kick my butt in gear a bit and get this done before my sister comes home on the 15th. Only time will tell if I succeed…

Socks on a Plane
Multiple things going on here…this is, in fact, a picture taken at work since I had a spot of free knitting time yesterday! Woo-hoo! No idea if and/or when that is gonna happen again…but hope does lie eternal. Two-this is sock number two…which you all saw last week…before I ripped it out Friday knit because I had boo-booed and there was no way to fix it and it was bugging me! Boo-boos have been fixed and sock number 2 is on its way to be finished fairly soon…

Falling Leaves
It has been awhile since this was trotted out. Added another 10 rows to it just cause…I like it, I'm excited to block and wear it but since it's selfish knitting I feel extremely guilty working on it when I have lots of Christmas knitting to do. Also, it does require a little thought as there is a lot going on. I did however, finish the first ball of yarn I had bought for it. Less than a ball to go till bind-off time!

Not too much going on this week…except for a totally awesome FO for Friday!! :) Check back in to see what I finished…linking up with Ginny. Happy Wednesday, darlings!

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