Wednesday, October 8, 2014

It's Still Wednesday...

Roadtrip was not as successful as I hoped, though I did get some good information so there's a positive. I also managed to get to 1 of the yarn shops (got a beautiful skein of Cascade Heritage and 2 different flavors of Soak). I also had a beautiful skein of sock yarn delivered from HauteKnitYarn in North Carolina; it was only ordered on Sunday so I was super shocked to see it today! Pictures of goodies will come tomorrow because let's face-it, nothing can (or should!) compete with WIPs on Wednesday :) Some interesting shots this week-old projects here so I gotta mix it up somehow!

Oh So Sparkly!
As modeled by one of my favorite stuffs, Rusty. How do I know I've made progress? The last time i weighed the skein it was 34 grams, now it's done to 28! Hip, hip hooray!

Fall Leaves
Crafty Selfie from the Soak Wash Challenge. I seriously cannot wait to finish this and wear it for real!

Socks on a Plane
Less than 70 rows (and a bind-off!) till I am done! That is a most excellent feeling :)

EKP Baby Blanket
An action shot…and I figured I'd throw it at the end just to fool y'all a bit :)

Happy Wednesday! Linking up with the one and only Ginny!

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