Sunday, April 20, 2014

All About…UFOs!!

I have a lot of UFOs. Some of them haven't been on the needles for very long…others have been languishing for awhile. I have pictures though!
First up, a group shot! I thoroughly apologize for the mess and the only so-so picture. But I'm going for full honesty and these are all the UFOs that I know of in California. There may be some in storage in Oregon…not 100% sure either way.
I'm not exactly sure the best way to go through these…I'll start with everything that is (eventually) going to be knit and then talk about the things to frog.

To Be Finished

Block and Tackle Baby Blanket
This bad boy has been hanging on my needles since September 2012. The pattern is a scarf pattern that I thought would be pretty sweet for a baby blanket. Unfortunately, this is just really, really slow going. I love how this looks (and I've spent a ton of time on it!) so I refuse to frog. Maybe I can finish it before September 2014 rolls around?

Beekeeper's Quilt (aka Hexipuffs)
I got started puffing in December 2011. I'm up to over 100…though they're spread out between California and Oregon. I'm in no rush on this project. I just work on puffs when I feel inspired. These four will eventually be stuffed and bound off…I've just got other things I'm more interested in right now!

Noah Baby Sweater
I got started on the Noah baby sweater in March 2014. It's from an absolutely adorable book called What to Knit When You're Expecting by Nikki Van De Car. I just wanted to make something fun and cute (and I'm trying to learn a bit more about sweater construction before attempting to make one for myself!). This has been going pretty smoothly and I think I should be able to finish it before the book is due back to the library.

One Plus (Hiroshige) 

The first One Plus started in March 2014. I brought this yarn home from the yarn shop and immediately cast-on; I couldn't help myself. The yarn is so beautiful and yummy. I think I'm having a hard time finishing it though because I don't exactly have a home for it…and as long as it's on the needles, I don't really have to think about where it is going to end up!

One Plus (Southwest)
This One Plus was started April 2014 because I was so sure I would totally have time to knit in between classes during Splash Week and I didn't want to bring the wool one to the pool in case it got wet and I couldn't possibly bring any of my other projects as most of them do require counting and/or some level of attention. Plus, since it was stash-busting it really was a win for me…I have a lot of excuses. But I love this pattern and this yarn is fun so whatever! I imagine I'll finish this up pretty soon.

Mom's Socks
These socks have been on the needles since March 2014. Sock number 1 was finished on March 28 and then sock number 2 wasn't started till April 11. My mom has really been wanting a pair of socks so my plan is to finish these and have them ready to go for Mother's Day. Once I get through the leg, the rest of the sock isn't too bad. The leg can just get a bit tedious at times...

Business Casual for Me
Oh goodness, these socks have been on the needle since October 2013. At the time, I didn't really know much about sock knitting so I had cast these on, then decided I wanted to learn a more basic sock first before trying to figure out cables and everything. Maybe when I finish my mom's socks, I'll come back and finish these for me.

Falling Leaves
This sweet baby has been on the needles since October 2013. I love this yarn and I love this design, but it's a charted pattern and I absolutely loathe charts. I'd like to finish it, but the option to frog remains a possibility. Basically, this just sits on my bookcase and looks at me wistfully.

Ten Stitch baby bib

This has been on my needles since about December 2013 (I think? I never made a Rav project page for it so I'm not 100% sure). This was supposed to be one of those big, super awesome looking blankets. Overall though, I'm not crazy about the pattern (especially picking up stitches) so I think I'm going to finish the square, add a strap and call it a baby bib.

Hurricane Hat

Of course, while typing this all up and going through Rav, I cam across another UFO. This little hat has been on the needles since November 2013 and I'm not exactly sure why I haven't finished it other than that I've found more interesting things to do. I think I also got a little tired of the pattern (right before I cast this one, I finished one in a grey merl).

To Be Frogged

Sometimes, a project just has to be frogged. There really is no way around it. I however hate frogging, so these two projects just sit, hidden in the closet where I can more easily ignore them. 

Sweet Pea Baby Blanket
I love this yarn and I love this design. It is just way to small to ever be a useful anything. I will frog it…it just makes me sad because it is in fact, quite lovely.

Gallatin Scarf
Again, totally love this yarn and pattern…just ridiculously smaller than I ever thought it would be. I ever cast this on off, dreaming that I could make it work. Unfortunately, it would take more than a blocking miracle to make this to the size I want it to be…

Okay, I think that is everything. I thoroughly apologize for the less then stellar photographs, I'm still learning how to photograph knits and edit the photos. Part of my reason for starting this blog is to motivate myself to finish projects in a somewhat timely manner and homely, decrease my random infections of start-itis. Fingers crossed, the next time I post, I'll have an FO or two to show off…or at least some awesome progress on all these projects! The next post will also probably include something about my swimming/training. That's all for tonight! Thanks for reading and please, leave me a comment and tell me what you think!

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