Friday, April 25, 2014

Combo Day

Yikes! Sorry for not posting Wednesday or Thursday…today will just be a combo day with WIPs, Training and FOs!

We'll start with the one you've already met…on the bottom right is Mom's sock! This week I finished the leg and got started on the heel flap, yay! The leg is probably the hardest part of any sock for me. Also, these socks are maybe not going to be for my mom as she tried the finished one on and said she likes her socks a tad longer. So these may end up as my socks.
On the bottom left, we have a new pair of socks, probably for me as well. It's my first time actually striping socks (instead of using self-striping/self-patterning) so that's been interesting. Jog-less stripes while simultaneously carrying yarns is tricky. These socks will have a third yarn added for the heel and toe…I'm just going crazy with them apparently! The pattern is Vanilla Latte Socks by Virginia Rose-Jeanes. I did my cuff in 2x2 twisted rib; I absolutely love how it looks! I'm planning on doing a new heel I learned this week and I'm still undecided about the toe.
The very top sock is Alligator Baby Socks by Hélène Rush. These were my practice round for magic looping socks (which I adopted for the striped socks I'm making). However, the pattern is written for DPNs and my ability to adjust patterns is not overwhelmingly incredible so I'm making looping in three parts. It's actually working quite well and if your needles are long enough, I would definitely recommend it for anyone magic looping a DPN pattern. I learned a great slip-stitch heel in this pattern and I'm getting to use a mini-skein I've had stashed for a few months now.

Not so hot this week. Allergies are totally kicking my butt and it's a bit hard to swim when you really can't breathe and have some serious pressure issues putting your face in the water. I did get some good squats and dancing on Wednesday and a bit of swimming today. I am starting to feel better so hopefully I can go back to increasing my yardage soon.

Two FOs this week (might be a new record!)!
After posting on Sunday, I went ahead and finished the ten-stitch baby bib. Definitely not my favorite piece of knitting ever, but hopefully a new military mom and baby will like it and be able to use it.
I finished the Southwest one plus late Tuesday night. I decided to get a little fancy and try out the picot bind-off. It did take some extra time, but I think it looks pretty cute! This little sweater, along with the baby bib will be headed out in a shipment to Marine Corps Kids hopefully sometime in the next couple of weeks. I'd like to try and pack a few more items in though before I send it out!

That's all for now, folks! I'd love to hear from you…comments are ready and waiting for you! Have a lovely rest of your Friday!

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