Monday, April 21, 2014

Monday, Monday

Thanks for coming back/ welcome if this is your first time here! I know last post I said I'd have an FO for you and some swimming talk. I have both of those things…but I'm going to be talking about neither one today! Instead, I'm just going to present my planned line-up for the week (and weeks to come, hopefully). Without further ado, here's my post plan-

Miscellaneous Monday: On Mondays, it's just going to be a random conglomerate of writing. It may be about swimming or knitting or it may be about some other aspect of my life.

Training Tuesday: Tuesdays will be all about my training. Probably some odd combination of what I've done the past week and what I plan to do in the upcoming days. 11 miles is a lot of swimming, yo!

WIP Wednesday: Wednesdays will be all about what I've been working on the past week. You've seen all my current UFOs so I'll only post about what I've actively been working on. And of course, since I am prone to start-iris, there will probably be many new UFOs before all my old ones are complete.

Training Thursday: Just like Tuesdays. What I've done for training and what I plan on doing next. Another reason for this blog is to help me stay on track with my workouts. And maybe even inspire you to try something new! The possibility of whining exists…yes I know I'm doing this to myself and there is good reason for it and overall it is a lot of fun and I'm super excited for the swim…but that doesn't mean that it's all sunshine and roses.

FO Friday: Show off my finished project(s) from the week! There's a great possibility that I won't have an FO every week, but I'm hoping this might help to inspire me to get my butt in gear!

Stitchin' Saturday: Whatever I currently have on the needles in front of me when I go to post. Kinda like WIP Wednesday except it will only be one project…unless I'm doing serious jumping in which case it might be two…

Stretch it Sunday: Part of my training is to work on yoga and hopefully, strengthen my core/back a bit. Each Sunday, I hope to post a new stretching idea…and hopefully try some new ones out alongside y'all!

So that's the general plan for posting…I have no idea how long I'll stick to it. And the possibility definitely exists that I might skip days.
Since it is Monday, my miscellaneousness (other than the layout plan) is going to be a random fact about myself. There is more in fact to me than just knitting and swimming so my random fact for the day is that I absolutely love to eat ice cream for breakfast, especially if I'm stressed. I did it about 3x last week during Splash. I should probably give it up, but hey, when you're 22, you're allowed to eat whatever you want for breakfast.
I think that's all for now. Please, let me know what you think! Or vote in the poll on the upper right side…
Till tomorrow...

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