Monday, June 2, 2014

Gotta pick yourself up...

…when you fall behind. Sorry for the slight absenteeness, but lots of photos to make up!

WIP Wednesday

Still chomping away at the sparkly shawl…I like it, but I like some of my other projects better.
Started yet another One Plus (because it's one of my favorite projects ever…). This one is going to a specific person so I've actually kinda got a deadline to meet.
And of course, socks! These are the Kroy rainbow stripes everyone seems to be making lately. I'm going cuff down, two separate needles, two separate skeins. I'm liking 'em so far so yeah!

Training Thursday

Suit drama is no more!!! These three beauties were waiting for me when I got home from my little adventure! The far right is almost definitely for Bridge Swim whilst I just kinda fell in love with the others. I am sorta contemplating the tiger two piece for Bridge Swim though...

FO Friday

Finally finished the Hurricane Hat last week…YAY!!!!!! This will be a Christmas present for a baby that's due in October.
Three more hats for the Elephant Tears project. Two micro preemie hats and then a regular preemie hat. I like making these hats all different because people from all different walks of life lose their children. Hoping these hats bring some comfort to a family.
4 more puffs! I will finish this blanket someday!

I think that's about everything for me…Happy Monday!

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