Thursday, June 12, 2014

Taste-tasting (AKA Always Have Your Water-bottle Ready)

I mentioned a couple of posts ago that I had some taste-tasting to do. I was thinking about waiting and doing it all at once, but I think I'd rather write as I have things fresh in my head…and since I don't exactly know when I'll have done all my taste-tasting, no better time to start than the present!

I used two different packets during my Lake Berryessa swims. I started with my GU in the Chocolate Outrage flavor. I knew it wouldn't cause GI distress and that it would give me a decent boost as I've been using GU in the past. The flavor wasn't outstanding…not bad, but not overwhelming good. The second packet I used on Saturday was one of the Clif Shot Energy Gel in the Mocha flavor. I had never used one of these before, but I really liked the consistency. The flavor was also really good-the mocha didn't smack you in the face, but it was definitely there. I felt like I got a good boost of energy as well…and no GI issues!

I did a semi-long swim today so I figured I would try out another packet. I used the Clif Shot Energy Gel again, but this time in the Chocolate flavor. It was a great packet. Way better chocolate flavor than the GU version. Right now, I'm leaning towards using the Clif Shot…but I still have 7 more packets to try out. There's a high likelihood at least one or two more will be eaten tomorrow during my long swim (looking at 13500…which is over 7 miles).

Happy Thursday! I better get back to my knitting if I'm going to have an FO for tomorrow!


  1. I can't imagine swimming 7 miles. How long does that take?

    Glad the GU and ClifShots were tasty. I haven't had to use an energy shot yet .....I don't run that far. I have friends that swear by GU.

    1. Didn't actually make it to 7 miles…I can get to about 5.5 in just under 3 hours. So hopefully somewhere around 3.5 hours for 7 miles.
      Always good to hear from other people. I think the ClifShots have an overall better taste as they are way more flavorful.