Thursday, June 19, 2014

The post without a name

This is one of the random posts so if you're looking for knitting and/or swimming check back in tomorrow...I have an FO, I promise!!

If you're still here, let me first apologize as this may end up rambling.
I've been lucky to meet some amazing people in my life. People who have made me think and have helped me to grow as a human. In my second to last semester of college, I met the my perfect person. I literally felt as though I had found the other piece to me-I still generally feel as though he's my other half. We are however, over 600 miles away and I moved 8 months after we met. Needless to say-we are not together. We're still friends and we do send text messages and emails and comments on Facebook. Most of the time, I can handle it. I figure if it is really meant to be, it will all work out. Today has just been one of those days though we're I'm having a hard time. I miss seeing his face and hearing his laugh. I miss the way he gets when he's passionate about something-I miss hearing him pray. I miss being challenged by him and talking through issues with him. I miss cooking dinner and just hanging out. I even miss his family (they're amazing!). I don't mean to be whiny and self-pitying. Somedays, it just really sucks to be missing a big chunk of your heart.

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