Saturday, June 7, 2014

Lake Berryessa

As part of my training for PDX Bridge Swim, I wanted to get in at least one open water swim beforehand. There was a USMS sanctioned swim in Lake Berryessa; I signed up for both the 2 mile and the 1 mile races.

The course was beautiful and the water was the perfect temperature. I didn't get quite the times I was hoping for, but at least I was near.

I did in fact wear one of my new suits…and there were a couple of other women wearing it, too! Always fun to have suit buddies. And I had my numbers written all over me…I felt quite marked up!
It was very sweet too because my dad drove out with me and was cheering. It's nice that even though I'm 22, my dad is still a pretty awesome swim dad. I was telling him that next time I'm making him a t-shirt…front to say #onceaswimdad and back to say #alwaysaswimdad. I did however grab an extra shirt from the race for him for Father's Day.

Hope you all had a wonderful Saturday-I'll post stitches tomorrow, promise!


  1. #lovethat! Your dad sounds like a wonderful guy!