Monday, September 8, 2014

Ca-licking, Clacking!

My needles are go, go, going! Love some good knitting mojo…fingers crossed for some big FOs this Friday!
I did pause to take a photo for the Soak Photo Challenge (yes, I've been keeping up so far!). The prompt was favorite yarn…I of course couldn't pick a brand/dyer/etc but I went with my favorite type of yarn instead…which just so happens to be sock yarn! This is just a bit of my sock yarn. A good deal of it is in storage, in use, in messy wound-up balls or buried away in the closet. However, if you feel like I don't have enough sock yarn, please feel free to send more my way! Scraps are always welcome for heels and toes and my BeeKeeper's Quilt as well! Happy Knitting! 

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