Wednesday, September 24, 2014

I'm a Laura

This week's knitting has been fueled by catching shows on Hulu before they expire, the Knit Girllls and random episodes of random shows on Netflix. Thank you Internets :)

EKP Baby Blanket

Gets bigger and bigger every week-I work on it a lot for my reality tv stuff (love me some Biggest Loser, ANTM and DWTS). I will theoretically finish this before the baby is due…

Vanilla Latte Stripes
This is ready for a toe! Hip-hip-hooray!!

Socks on a Plane
Sock number 1 is done and I've already made it past the toe of sock number 2!

So-are you a Laura or a Leslie? Linking up with Ginny and Tami. Happy Knitting!


  1. Don't know what a "Laura" or a "Leslie" is ........but the socks are cute. You are moving right along. :-)

    1. Laura and Leslie are the Knit Girllls. Laura does a lot of project jumping while Leslie is more of a monogamous knitter

  2. Okay, so based on your explanation of the Knit Girls I am either one depending on my mood. Right now I am a monogamous knitter, but I have 2 cross-stitch, 1 crochet and 1 quilt project in the works. I love the knits you are working on.

    1. You are a busy lady! I think I have a cross-stitch hidden somewhere in a closet…but its hidden very, very deeply. Most of the time, I'd rather knit than do anything else