Sunday, September 14, 2014

Another Confession...

I bought yarn. Three skeins of beautiful sock yarn by Sweet Georgia, to be exact. They will probably go to me, me and me (well, 1 skein might be used for a gift...maybe, if I'm feeling extra generous). So I added another piece to my little yarn diet indicator. I'm not giving up on the diet-just going to try to stay strong and really resist buying more yarn until I finish some more up. I'm also trying to keep track of my WIPs and keep the numbers low. Temptation is real though and I love supporting local business and adopting beautiful, lovely skeins of yarn to bring them into a highly loving home.


  1. I just cast on for me again TOO!!!!

    1. I've been trying to resist doing that till after I finish some of my Christmas knitting-I do have quite a bit currently on the needles for me though so some it may just have to be finished so I can rescue those needles for other projects ;)