Friday, September 12, 2014

F to the O Friday!

It's a rarity, but for once I have two FOs and neither one of them is a baby hat or a hexipuff! I am definitely floating high…and I got to cross more things off the WIP list and add them to the FO list; two activities that make me extremely happy! Without further ado…

Rainbow Latte Stripes
This is quite possibly the last time you are going to see these guys. Mom is head over heels for them and can't wait for it to get a little colder so that she can wear them. I have a little leftover yarn (each sock was made with its own skein) so I can probably get some cute baby socks and puffs out of them. I really enjoyed these socks and am looking forward to being off my yarn diet so I can buy more yarn to make them for myself :)

Alligator Baby Socks
Grabbed the book from the library and was able to finish sock number 2 in only a few hours. I really love these socks and they are actually staying with me for the time being. I have a small collection (1 outfit, 1 sweater and now 1 pair of socks) that I keep for extremely special babies. Most of the time I knit baby stuff with an end-goal in mine (either a specific person or charity), but these items I joust had to have and will eventually find the right person.

How are your projects coming along? Anyone else rocking the FOs? Happy Friday and cheers to the weekend!

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  1. I did rock a partial FO today, but I'm not posting about it --- YET!

    I love those Rainbow Latte socks. That is a GREAT color!

    Congrats on the finishes.