Thursday, September 18, 2014

How a Bunny Hops Pt. 2

Lots and lots of WIPs this week; in fact, 6 of my 8 WIPs were worked on. I blame the Soak Photo Challenge because I was pulling things out of hiding to photograph and then I felt guilty putting them back without giving them any love. So in no particular order…the WIP list!

Oh So Sparkly
Every week I say it doesn't look like much has happened (mainly because it feels like much hasn't happened) but the second yarn skein is down to 34 grams (I added it in about 2 weeks ago and it was a 50 gram skein). So obviously something is happening…I just don't exactly know what.

EKP Baby Blanket
This has seen a lot of action! That is, in fact, a turned corner you see. Which means I'm doing decreases! Oh heck to the yes! There is strong hope this may be finished before the baby comes

Vanilla Latte Stripes
Just making my way through the foot. I enjoy this sock quite a bit-it's nice travel knitting because there is absolutely no cellphone counting required and I know the pattern pretty well so I can just kinda mindlessly go.

Block and Tackle Blanket
It's been ages since this has seen the light of day but I pulled it out for a Soak photo and remembered how much I liked it. I think this may actually become a lap(ish) blanket for me. it won't be finished anytime soon but that's totally okay by me.

Business Casual
Lots going on with this sock. I moved it from DPNs to 1 circular for magic looping and I am a lot happier. I even made it through one whole pattern repeat. I think the whole DPN was really holding me back-I used to love them, but these days I would much rather magic loop. Also, I am lazy and I don't enjoy cabling on every row. It's not difficult cabling and it's really well-written so not at all confusing-I just don't enjoy the actual process. I do however, really like how it looks.

Finally, I have a new WIP!! This is Christmas knitting (my list is staring me down and I am a bit intimidated).
Socks on a Plane
This is one of those few trifecta projects-the pattern loves the yarn, the yarn loves the needles and the needles love the pattern. This is knitting up so fast-I'm already up to gusset increases and I only started last Friday. These are my first ever toe-up socks and I'm not gonna lie-i may be a convert. I don't love casting-on for the toe, but after that, I am sold!

I know I'm a little late but still linking up with Ginny. What's on your needles?


  1. Great projects. I love Vanilla Latte too. Mine aren't quite as pretty a color as yours, but still a GREAT pattern.

    I will have to give Socks on A Plane a try, but I may convert the pattern to top down. I've tried toe-up and just don't enjoy it much. Different strokes, I guess. LOL

    1. Thanks, Dee! I love your Vanilla Lattes :)
      I will definitely be making socks on a plane again-I'd love to try it in self striping, I think

  2. Love both blankets !!! great colors and patterns!