Sunday, December 28, 2014

Another One Bites the Dust

Which means only 6 WIPs to go! And I'm actually getting ready to do the bindoff on the Oh So Sparkly shawlette which will pop me down to five! Which just makes me beyond excited because I so ready to start some new socks for me!
Without further ado…

The SF Mitts

So named because they were going to have an orange SF embroidered into them for a Giants fan. However, embroidery is not a skill set I currently possess and honestly, we all kinda liked them the way they were. And yes, that is my already chipping Christmas manicure I got done on Monday. What can i say? I'm rough on my hands/nails.

Back to marathoning/binging on Knit Girllls episodes…I was at about episode 47ish or so as of before Christmas…I am now working my way through episode 66 (and I've only skipped four total because they weren't working).
Hope your knitting is going well. I've read of a couple other people trying to clear up needles before the New Year. Anyone else feeling some pressure to finish things up?


  1. Cute mitts!

    Since I'm a "one-at-a-time" kinda girl, I don't have much to finish up. I *would* like to finish my current project and start a fresh one on January 1, but don't know whether that will happen.

    1. Thanks, Dee! I gave them to the recipient today and she was appropriately excited so she gets to stay on the "knit for" list :)
      Good luck! I think I'm to the end of things I can finish before 1/1/15 but I've gotten a good WIP down in the past few days so I'm pretty okay with that

  2. Ohh love your fingerless!!! I don't have much to finish up either...except my cowl now that I think about it!

    1. Thank you, Kathy!! You can do it! Planning on casting-on anything on 1/1?