Sunday, December 21, 2014

Calendars are Overrated

As shown by my inability to post an FO post on Friday even though the object was done before than! The struggle is real, y'all…

But look! I finished the BigFoot socks which means…
1. One pair of socks (sock 1 is on gusset decreases)
2. One pair of socks (sock 1 has a finished cuff and the beginning of a leg)
3. One pair of fingerless mitts
4. Set of five coasters (2/3 of the way done with coaster #2)

is all that stands between me and being done with Christmas 2014 knitting!!!


  1. I love your finish the socks are amazing

  2. Replies
    1. One way or another! Your vote of confidence in me is sweet!

  3. yes calendars ARE overrated and days should be measured in whenever we finish our knitting :D Good job on the socks!

    1. Hehehehe-that would be a great system, but could also get pretty confusing :D