Friday, May 16, 2014

FO Friday

Excuse the interruption to our normal programming but I swam 4.15 miles this morning!

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming...All the FOs this week are headed out to charity! I had put charity knitting on hold while I busted out the socks for myself and my mom so this week I jumped back into my charity knitting with a vengeance.

Going to Marine Corps Kids:

Musical Baby Bib
This was a fun, quick knit that had probably been languishing in my queue for over two years. I had a major thing for blanket squares at one point in time, but I'm pretty firmly decided I would never make an actual blanket out of them. Instead, I use the square idea, add i-cord to both top corners and call it a bib! This is a tad on the big side but I'm hoping it will last someone beyond their first year. I really like how the pooling worked out in this one.

Cotton Baby Hat
Just a simple, in the round, baby hat. Trying to use old stash yarn…plus summer is coming some hoping a cotton hat might be a bit cooler than wool or acrylic.

Going to the Elephant Tears Project:
Sweet Pea Baby Blanket
After I picked this one up the other day, I realized I really didn't have enough yarn to go through the pattern again, do the two garter stitch rows and cast off loosely. I was able to finish were I was (as per pattern directions), add my garter rows and cast-off (with a tad bit left). I am so excited this project will able to go and be a comfort instead of sit in my closet while I refuse to frog it. 

Micro-preemie Hats
These little hats are tiny! Micro-preemies can have very, very small heads and it can be upsetting to parents to have absolutely nothing in their baby's size. These hats do have a bit of stretch to them so they can fit a tad older babies, but I wanted to make sure I got a few of the extra small sizes in, too. Stitching all items for this charity with lots of extra love to these families and their precious babies.

On a completely separate note, I'm looking into shawl patterns. I'm thinking about using a sport or a fingering I have, but I'm just currently feeling uninspired by all the shawl patterns I'm pulling up on Ravelry. So please, please, please! Inspire me and let me know about your favorite shawl patterns! Help a girl out, yeah?!

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