Friday, May 2, 2014

Friday Catchup

Only missed one day so far this week…and I didn't really do very much swimming till today. Woke up extra early and got a nice 3000 in before 11 am! I felt very accomplished!

Now for the fun part…FOs! Nothing too big this week, but still a bit exciting!
First, we have a pretty sweet Southwest bow headband to go along with the One Plus I finished last week. Nothing too complicated and no formal pattern for it. I just knit a rectangle and then do I-cord for days!
The monkey model is just a model…I wish I had knit it, but it was a gift from my sister a few years ago.

Second, we have some finished puffs! The four very colorful ones are from the UFO post…I filled them and stitched them up (and the red and gold one is yarn I dyed myself!). The solid blue one is another one I knit, filled and stitched on Wednesday night. 
These five puffs bring my 2014 count up to 11 (I know-quite the overwhelming amount). The problem is…I don't actually know how many I have total since 90% of them are in a storage unit in a different state. I know I have at over 100…I'm just not sure if that number is closer to 100 or 200. 

Hope your week has gone well and here's to a great weekend!

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