Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Shawl-time! (WIP Wednesday)

Before I forget, I did in fact receive a shipment confirmation e-mail this morning which means hopefully I will have my suits sometime this week…YAY!!!

Now for knitting- both of this weeks WIPs have been seen before, but I think they have both grown since you've last seen them (one more so than the other).

First up: Falling Leaves
I now am feeling pretty comfortable with chart reading…and this bad boy is over 100 rows long so that's been a pretty big jump (when I had first picked it up after hiatus, I was only at 36 rows). Love this yarn, love this pattern, but occasionally I do get tired of constantly checking in with my phone to make sure I'm on target (tinking this is kind of a pain). I really want a shawl though so I decided to cast-on another one that wouldn't require quite so much paying attention (as well, we started a knit along in one of my Ravelry groups and we're all doing shawls so it was the perfect excuse to cast-on).

This spurned on the second WIP of the week: Oh So Sparkly
This yarn is super, super sparkly and the pattern is so easy…no counting, no chart reading…pretty perfect cut and simple knitting. I'm in love and can't wait to see this continue to grow and then eventually be able to wear it!

Linking up with Tami and Ginny. What are you all working on today?


  1. That's looking good! I'm not a big chart reader either. With lacy knits I think I probably spend half of my time being paranoid and checking the pattern, counting stitches, etc.

  2. Thank you! I definitely spend way more time quadruple checking the pattern and stitches…but I do love how lace looks so I guess it's worth it.

  3. Thank you for your comment on my blog.
    Beautiful shawls and perfect socks too :) Well, the pattern I used is the same, as your socks, of course.

    1. Thank you so much! Love the latest pair of socks you are working on. Great minds must think alike when it comes to socks, no?