Monday, May 12, 2014

Sometimes, I get Creative

I love being yarn (as previously discussed). My favorite is buying in-store because I can smoosh and squeeze and compare yarns. I get to see the colors exactly as they are. However, sometimes I want things that aren't available locally which is where online yarn shopping comes in handy. Except for the fact that yarn I buy online I have to wind myself.
This is my way of winding yarn at home. Granted, we were catching up on some old shows and I got to sit on a couch so overall, not too terrible. Just extremely slow…and occasionally a bit daring as the dog lunged for the yarn. I've never met a dog so in love with yarn as Hailey is; she is constantly trying to steal it away if I'm sitting on the couch knitting with her. She's worse than the cat. However, she's adorable and so snuggly so I can't ever stay too mad at her.
Seriously, have you seen a dog so dignified and well-posed?
The cat is quite the snuggler, too. Except when she's sleeping on pillows she doesn't belong on (which would be all the pillows!).

Does anyone else have a yarn crazy dog? Or am I the only one?


  1. One of my dogs, when feeling neglected, will grab a skein of yarn and parade around with it. He knows that will get my attention!

  2. Oh goodness! Any damage or just a na-na-na-na-foo-foo type thing?