Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Real, Actual, Visual Progress!

Lots of WIPs this week! Most with real, actual, visual progress as well which is truly the best feeling. I am getting so excited to being close to potentially crossing an item off my WIP list! Lots of item still on (and an ever growing Ravelry queue…which we are just not going to talk about how long that has become!). Without further ado, the real reason you came to this blog today…the WIPs!

Oh So Sparkly

Okay, so I didn't actually do that much work on this one so maybe it looks the same as it did last week. It is in fact growing though! How do I know this? Because the skein I'm using is getting smaller and the rows I'm knitting are getting longer! Sadly, I have at least 1 more skein to make my way through before I can even consider binding this off. It's a lovely no-concentration knit and I am very excited to wear it so I am happy to be knitting it…it just currently is not one of my favorite projects.

EKP Baby Blanket

Now this little knit is growing! Four more stripes since you saw it last week…I love the yarn (Caron Simply Soft is simply the best) and I really like the needles I am using as well. They are some of the Prym needles. I absolutely adore these needles…and I'm adding to my collection of them! I just picked up another in size 2 for socks yesterday. I like the actual needles, the cables and joins are perfect and they're very comfortable in my hands. 

Vanilla Latte Stripes

Yes, you are correct…that is a sock with a completed and gusset decreases completed as well! I love heel flaps, I love heel turns but man do I hate picking up stitches! I'm not the biggest fan of gusset decreases but I tolerate them. I'm curious as to trying some other heels-particularly Fish Lips Kiss and the Afterthought. Does anyone have a preference? Please let me know!

Rainbow Latte

Last, but certainly not least are these socks! I made it all the way through the gussets decreases on one sock and partway through the gusset decreases on the other sock. I'm really enjoying these socks and I'm definitely going to have to pick up more of this yarn as my mom has already claimed this pair for herself! I'm also thinking I've made a lot of Vanilla Latte socks and should probably try and branch out into something different (yes, I know I have my Business Casual socks; they sit and stare at me and constantly ask why I won't knit them…). 

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  1. I've got socks out of the same yarn as the last photo. They're one of my favorite pair.

    1. I'd seen the yarn a bunch and fell in love…and these are going to my mom because she totally and fully-heartedly claimed them…and she doesn't ask for much so I figure I'll oblige…and maybe pick up another skein for me :)